11 Trainer-Approved Abs Exercises To Build Unparalleled Core Strength

by Jerald Dyson

It’s no secret that getting abs is one of the most sought after goals in the gym. And while this is largely based on the body aesthetic we as a society have glorified over the years, there is merit to training and strengthening the abdominals (an important muscle group in your core) for a healthy, balanced body.

A strong overall core is the foundation of most exercises—it promotes stability and can support your entire body, reducing the risk of injury. Not to mention, your everyday comfort and function will benefit from some dedicated core training. Improving your core strength has a number of practical functions within the body from protecting your back to preserving good posture and even stabilizing balance.

If you’re looking to tack some abs exercises onto your everyday workouts or create a dedicated routine, we rounded up 11 of our favorites, as demonstrated by top trainers. We can’t promise you washboard abs, but we can promise a good burn.


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