3 Different Ways To Massage Your Scalp To Stimulate Hair Growth

by Jerald Dyson

A third option is to use a gua sha comb on the scalp. Simply put, these are wide-tooth combs made from different stones like jade, rose quartz, and obsidian, for example. Gua sha originated in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has been used for ages as a healing modality, but the practice has made its way stateside over time. The comb shape, in particular, provides an easy way to use those healing techniques on the scalp.

To use a gua sha comb, place it at the front of the hairline and comb backward. Typically, gua shas should be held almost flat to the head, with a 15-degree angle upward to create pressure. Like other massage methods, it’s best to use your gua sha comb with a scalp serum or oil to avoid dragging on dry skin. Not sure where to find one? Shop our top pick: the Lanshin Jade Scalp Stimulator. Sandra Lanshin Chiu, L.Ac., MSTCM, acupuncturist, TCM practitioner, and founder of the brand, even has a helpful video with step-by-step instructions, if you’d like a visual.


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