3 Science-Backed Supplements That Support Your Genes & Protect Your DNA*

by Jerald Dyson

How do we plan on celebrating National DNA Day at mindbodygreen, you ask? By supporting the health of our DNA (what makes us unique!) and longevity, of course! 

What’s National DNA Day? On April 25, 1953, DNA’s double helix structure was discovered by brilliant scientists James D. Watson, Francis H.C. Crick, Maurice H.F. Wilkins, Rosalind D. Franklin, and colleagues. Back to celebrating.

When we think about DNA, we often think of reproduction and the features we inherit from our parents—such as hair color, skin tone, and face shape—and how susceptible we are to certain health concerns. But the truth is, the health and integrity of our DNA affects far more than just health proclivities or whether a baby looks more like one side of the family.

DNA contains the complex set of instructions that tell genes to make proteins that keep each intricate physiological system running as it should. It’s crucial for your DNA to remain healthy and robust not just for reproductive purposes but also for accurate biological instructions, healthy gene function, and much more.

Many of the stressors (e.g., free radicals, environmental toxins and pollutants, heavy metals, and chemicals like BPA) that we encounter every day threaten the integrity of our DNA. Luckily, there are a number of actions you can take on a daily basis to protect and support your DNA—such as taking high-quality supplements that bolster the health of your genes.*

Here are a few of mbg’s science-backed supplements that help promote DNA integrity and gene function.*


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