3 Tools To Control The Negative Voice Inside Your Head

by Jerald Dyson

“When chatter takes hold, it often feels like everything is wrapped up in this experience and you’re never going to break free,” says Kross. When in reality, these negative experiences ultimately fade with time. “What this strategy does is reminds us of this phenomenon right in the heat of the moment. It highlights the instability of what you’re going through,” he explains. 

For example, when Kross wakes up in the middle of the night feeling worry or overwhelm (a very common experience), he will ask himself: Ethan, how are you going to feel about this tomorrow morning? “It’s always better in the morning,” he says, and by telling yourself that what you’re feeling is temporary, it takes the power away from those negative thoughts in the moment. “It gives you hope that your circumstances are going to improve, and hope can be a powerful antidote to chatter,” Kross adds. 


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