4 Steps Astrologers Want You To Take This Week (Before Mercury Retro Strikes)

by Jerald Dyson

Those distracting piles and unchecked messages take up a lot of mental energy—even if you think you’re ignoring them! And with stressful Mars in Gemini elbowing the new moon, you could have a meltdown trying to dig for that lost item. Rather than letting it get to that point, open up your Notes app and make a list! Over the next two weeks, start ticking off tasks one at a time. Since wellness is also in Virgo’s wheelhouse, let this lunar lift reboot your fitness goals. Temperatures will soon be perfect for more outdoor activities, where earthy Virgo reigns! Could your meals be healthier, your sleep more sanctified? Feather your nest with everything you need to keep your body humming like a well-oiled machine—from a fridge full of fresh produce and snacks like raw almonds in the pantry to an essential oil diffuser on your nightstand.

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