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Not necessarily. The researchers do further analysis to show that relative VOmax is actually inversely proportional to body fat, meaning the more body fat you have, the lower your relative VOmax will be.

Is a VO max of 4 good?

Elite male runners showed peak VO as high as 85 ml/kg/min, and elite female runners had scores as high as 77 ml/kg/min. A good VO max for 0.9 ml/kg/min.

What is a VO max. dangerously low?

An approximate threshold is that the highest mortality risks are seen in those with a VO max. below about 8 ml/kg/min. Once you exceed 5ml/kg/min, you are in a zone associated with longer survival.

What is a good VOmax for a woman?

What is a good Vo Max?
Women: more than 45 ml of oxygen/kg of body weight/minute.
Men: more than 5 ml of oxygen/kg of body weight/minute.

What should my VO max be?

The average sedentary human will achieve a VO max of around 5-40 mL/kg/min. The average sedentary woman will have a VO max between 7 and 0 mL/kg/min. These scores improve with practice, but be limited by certain factors.

What is a good VO max for age?

Graph VO Max Men (ml/kg/min)
Above average
Below average
more rows

How to increase my VO max?

You can increase your Vo max in two ways: by increasing the amount of blood your heart can pump and by increasing the amount of oxygen your muscles can take in.
Tips for improvement
Exercise at high intensity. .
Train at regular intervals. .
Combine interval and continuous training. .
Keep challenging yourself. .
Find your 5K and 0K times.

Should I be worried about a low VO max?

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), low VOmax, meaning older physical age, is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality.

What causes low VO max?

Another common problem for those struggling to improve their VOmax is lack of adequate recovery. Goal-oriented athletes are often eager to progress and achieve their goals as quickly as possible. This often leads to training longer and harder than you should, which can ultimately backfire.


This means that your body absorbs oxygen efficiently and you can easily run, cycle or do intense exercises. Conversely, the lower your VOmax, the worse your cardiovascular fitness. This means that your body cannot absorb and use oxygen very efficiently, making vigorous exercise difficult.

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