5 Moves to Increase Endurance

by Christina Gvaliant

These 5 moves to increase endurance will definitely get your heart pumping, but that’s exactly what we want!

To increase endurance, you have to push yourself into that zone of comfortable discomfort. By that I mean the level of effort that feels like a challenge, but not like you’re about to pass out. As you do these, monitor your breath: can you still talk? If you can talk a little while huffing and puffing, let that be your max and take a rest until you can talk fully and easily again. This can take anywhere from 30-seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds. Be patient with yourself!

Note: You can definitely do 3-4 sets, but this is challenging! One is totally enough to see the benefits, so if 1 set of each is all you can do, THAT IS ENOUGH.


1. Squat Jumps x10

Starting from a comfortable squat with the feet a bit wider than the shoulders, make sure the hips are back, the back is neutral, belly is in, and the knees line up with the toes.

Squat Jumps x10

On an exhale, jump straight up. On your landing, land back in the same starting squat you began in. 

Squat Jumps x10

2. Jumping Lunges, x10 per side (20 total)

Starting in a lunge with both knees bent to 90 degrees, make sure the front knee is pointing in the same direction as the toes. Also be sure not to extend the knee past the toes. 

 Jumping Lunges, x10 per side (20 total)

On an exhale, jump straight up as explosively as you can. Land back in the same starting position you began in.

Note: these will probably feel a little wobbly at first. You’ll probably notice that you land more to one side than in the center and that you’re jumping a little all over the place when you first start trying these. That’s okay! Your stability will improve and you’ll be able to control your movement much easier with time. 

jump straight up

3. Mountain Climbers, 15-30 seconds. 

Starting in a plank position, even though the whole movement ensures your hips don’t pop up past the shoulders. Keep the shoulders stable as you would in a regular plank. 

 Jumping Lunges, x10 per side (20 total)

Running as fast as you comfortably can, alternate tucking the knees in towards the chest, again, without popping the hips up!

knees in towards the chest

Alternate legs. It’s like running in place, but you’re in a plank rather than standing up right. 

 Jumping Lunges, x10 per side (20 total)

4. Snap Jumps, 15-30 seconds.

The trickiest of them all but one of the most fun (in my opinion!). Your starting position is sort of like being on all fours but the knees are hovering. The wrists are just a bit ahead of the shoulders and the core is braced

Snap Jumps, 15-30 seconds.

Keep the hands down but jump your legs up towards the butt and out towards the side so you land…

Snap Jumps, 15-30 seconds.

Like this! You’ll alternate sides. As you jump from side to side, it’s kind of like you’re making a rainbow shape with the legs. You land on the right, snap the feet up towards the butt and land to the left. 

Snap Jumps

Over to you! How do you feel?! Tougher than it looks, right?! I promise though, if you incorporate even ONE of these exercises a day, you’ll see an increase in your endurance over time. Progress is definitely inevitable here!

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