5 Post-Workout Mistakes Most People Make + Simple Fixes, From Coaches

by Jerald Dyson

Along the same lines as static stretching, foam rolling should also become a key step in your post-run recovery. “Foam rolling, a technique for self-myofascial release, enhances stretching by breaking up muscle tension and pushing new blood to fatigued muscle tissues or fascia,” explains Hathiramani.

Focusing on the larger muscles in your legs such as your glutes, quads, and calves will get the most bang for your buck, and the more frequently and longer you roll out, the better you’ll feel. We’re not saying the sensation is painless (tight muscles beget more severe discomfort), but in the long run, your legs will hold on to less tension. From the smaller muscles, integrating a hard object like a lacrosse ball into your routine can help loosen things up even further. “A hard ball will loosen localized and deeper soreness, with a golf ball for your feet or a lacrosse ball for your glutes,” suggests Hathiramani.


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