7 Spicy Standing Ab Exercises To Mix Up Your Core Routine

by Jerald Dyson

When you think about abdominal exercises, most require you to lie down on the ground, ideally with a yoga mat situated under your body. But if you’re in a crunch (pun intended) and only have your body and some open space available, don’t fret. You do have another option for challenging your core: standing abs exercises.

Standing abdominal movements are particularly effective at firing up those hard-to-reach areas of the obliques and lower abs without a single crunch in sight. This variation of core work pairs well with an explosive HIIT session as you’re already on your feet. Combine these two to create a high-energy, challenging routine perfect for a quick and efficient workout.

Guided by some of our favorite trainers, set fire to your obliques and lower abs, plus get your heart racing with these eight standing abs movements. You’ll be feeling this one tomorrow…


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