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Once you hit your 30s, losing weight is harder, and your body — working desperately against you — will begin to replace your muscle mass with fat, no matter what you do!

It’s an unfortunate truth, but a truth, nonetheless. Thankfully though, not all hope is lost. As Marjorie Keene — an inspiring 74-year-old Speed Keto enthusiast — will tell us below, you can still lose weight after your 30s, and even, in your 70s!

Hello Marjorie! Please introduce yourself before we proceed! How are you feeling?

Marjorie Keene: Hello to you too! My name is Marjorie, I’m 74 years old, and I’m feeling great! Thank you so much for asking. Never been better, really!

Great! Glad to hear it! Now, let’s get straight to the juicy details shall we? How have you been feeling on the Speed Keto diet? Better? Worse? The Same?

Marjorie Keene: Oh, I’ve never felt better! I feel great, no, amazing, on Speed Keto! I don’t think I can remember the last time I’ve felt so… energetic. Actually, it feels almost like my energy is endless these days! There’s also a certain level of clarity that should be noted. Kind of like an easing of the mind? I don’t quite know how to describe it, but I just feel amazing.

And as for your image? How have you been enjoying the results of Speed Keto?

Marjorie Keene: My self-esteem is through the roof these days! Speed Keto has really helped me when it comes to reaching and maintaining my goal weight. And, it just feels like, for the first time in my entire life (perhaps an exaggeration, but it’s definitely been a while!), I’m satisfied where I am. You know? I’m satisfied with how I look, how I feel, and what I’ve achieved. It’s a real mood (and ego! ha!) booster, that’s for sure.

Speed Keto diet
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And how about your health? Have you noticed anything different in the way your body is feeling?

Marjorie Keene: Specifically, about my health? Well, at my age, you expect to feel those tell-tale aches and pains, but I find that I don’t suffer those anymore. I haven’t for a while. My blood pressure has been normalized too!

Why did you decide to try out the Speed Keto Program? Did anyone recommend it to you, or did you just run across it yourself?

Marjorie Keene: I was a member of the Completely Keto Facebook Group, actually! So, I knew a little bit about how the diet worked. And, after seeing all those posts from others that have tried Speed Keto out themselves, well, I began to look more into it!

I suppose you could say that it was recommended to me, because the people in the group told me as much as they could about it.

Have you tried other diets or weight loss products in the past?

Marjorie Keene: I’ve tried diet pills in the past. Drinks and shakes too. But, I found those to be very expensive, not all that effective, and just plain unhealthy. I wasn’t thrilled about the amount of money I spent on those things, and I definitely regret trying them.

Actually, part of why I enjoyed Speed Keto so much was because it was real food. You know? Real and healthy food that just happened to be also very delicious. The artificial flavors of those other weight loss products that I’ve tried just can’t compete with that.

And, what else did you enjoy about the Speed Keto diet?

Marjorie Keene: I was really excited about the fact that macro and calorie counting was just not a thing with Speed Keto. I know enough about regular Keto and I’ve tried it several times myself, and it’s always been such a massive headache trying to figure out the numbers and things.

Before, I used to have this notebook where I would write things down — just so that I can count what I’ve eaten so far and how much more I could eat. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but having things done for me was definitely better overall. Just the convenience of it makes Speed Keto all the more enjoyable.

Would you recommend Speed Keto to other people?

Marjorie Keene: Definitely! Actually, my daughter started Speed Keto not long after I did at my recommendation. She saw the pounds coming off, and I guess my enthusiasm rubbed off on her enough that she began doing Speed Keto too! I’ve also encouraged three of my friends to join in on the fun, and none of them have regretted trying it either. So, yes! I have, and will continue to, recommend Speed Keto to whoever will listen!

Speed Keto diet

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