A Radiant Path: Amit Sharma’s Fusion of Film Artistry and Candle Crafting at Nairu

by Brooke Young
Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma is a seasoned filmmaker and video editor turned entrepreneur, passionately leading Nairu – A Candle Boutique.

With over 25 years in the film and media industry, Amit’s creative expertise is now elegantly woven into the fabric of his candle company. Nairu, renowned for its natural, eco-friendly candles and zen home décor, reflects Amit’s commitment to aesthetic and quality.

Every product is thoughtfully designed in the USA, ensuring a unique blend of artistry and sustainability. As Nairu expands from its original Edison location to the bustling Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ, Amit continues to inspire with his dedication to enhancing everyday life with a touch of serenity and luxury.

Name: Amit Sharma
Company: A Candle Boutique

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Amit Sharma

Share the origin story of Nairu. Where did the initial inspiration come from? Was it a specific moment or a gradual realization that you could impact people’s lives in a unique way?

Amit Sharma: Nairu began as an aspiration to integrate wellness into everyday life through natural and mindful products.

The initial inspiration was a gradual realization of the potential to impact lives positively by providing healthier, environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional home fragrance products.

This idea matured into Nairu – A Candle Boutique, where the focus is on creating products that not only enhance physical spaces but also nurture the spirit and mind.

What does the name “Nairu” mean to you and your family? Describe the symbolism personally and professionally.

Amit Sharma: The name “Nairu” is a heartfelt tribute to family, combining elements of our children’s names. This name embodies the boutique’s ethos of unity, love, and the aspiration to leave a lasting positive impact.

On a professional level, Nairu represents our commitment to quality and sustainability, aiming to enrich our customers’ lives with products that are as meaningful as they are beneficial.

Your candles, especially the Signature Series, have a special touch. Tell us more about the love and care that goes into crafting each one.

Amit Sharma: At Nairu, each candle, particularly those in our Signature Series, is crafted with extraordinary attention to detail. From selecting the finest natural waxes to infusing scents that are both unique and soothing, each candle is a product of meticulous care and passion.

Our candle-makers are dedicated artisans who ensure that every candle not only smells wonderful but also burns cleanly and safely, contributing to a harmonious environment.

You are committed to using eco-friendly materials and natural waxes. Where did this commitment originate from?

Amit Sharma: Our commitment to eco-friendly materials and natural waxes stems from a foundational concern for the environment and the health of our customers.

This dedication is driven by the understanding that the products we bring into our homes should be safe and sustainable, a principle that guides our selection of materials and our entire production process.

Candles are widely considered a healing item. Nairu offers a variety of spiritual and healing items to use in conjunction with the candles on your growth and self-love journey. How do these products complement your candles? What kind of impact do they have on your customers’ lives?

Amit Sharma: Nairu’s range of products, including our candles, home fragrances, and zen décor, are designed to harmonize with one another, enhancing the therapeutic qualities of each item.

These products collectively aid in creating a tranquil and spiritually nourishing environment, supporting our customers on their journeys of personal growth and self-love. The impact is profound, as evidenced by customer testimonials praising the positive transformations in their living spaces and well-being.

Nairu - A Candle Boutique

With a diverse collection of over 55 products, how do you maintain the same level of quality and dedication across all of them?

Amit Sharma: Maintaining consistent quality across our extensive range of over 55 products is achieved through strict adherence to our core values and quality standards.

We employ skilled artisans, use the finest materials, and conduct thorough quality checks to ensure that every product, regardless of its category, upholds the high standards Nairu is known for. This consistent dedication ensures that each item not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

Looking ahead, what are your hopes and dreams for Nairu, both personally and professionally? How do you envision Nairu impacting the community?

Amit Sharma: Looking ahead, Nairu aspires to be more than just a boutique; we envision becoming a community cornerstone that champions wellness, sustainability, and meaningful social interactions. In an era where online shopping often overshadows physical retail, leading to a sense of isolation, Nairu aims to foster a welcoming space where individuals can gather, chat, and shop in a friendly environment.

This approach not only enhances personal connections but also supports mental well-being. Furthermore, by maintaining ethical business practices, Nairu proudly stands apart from larger corporations that may overlook worker rights.

Our goal is to expand our reach through workshops, community engagement initiatives, and educational programs that promote a holistic approach to wellness. We are committed to inspiring positive change and nurturing a more mindful and environmentally conscious lifestyle within our community.

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