Add This To Your Favorite Smoothie For Better Blood Sugar Balance & Digestion

by Jerald Dyson

It’s no secret that including fiber in your diet is essential for healthy digestion, but did you know that most people aren’t getting enough? While our daily fiber needs per the National Academies range between 21 and 38 grams, depending on age and gender, the average American only eats about 16 grams. (In fact, only 5% of the population is estimated to be meeting their daily fiber needs!)

That’s definitely a shame, considering getting adequate fiber (both soluble and insoluble) in your meals will not only keep you feeling satiated, but it can also directly aid digestive regularity, support a healthy gut microbiome, and even maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

So, what’s a simple way to increase your daily fiber intake? Look no further than your daily smoothie.

Your go-to smoothie is likely already rich in an array of fruits and vegetables, but if you’re low on fiber (and odds are, most of us have a fiber deficit), this is one of the easiest meals to modify for a quick boost. Not sure which ingredients will do the trick? Experts share some staples to consider adding to your morning drink to optimize digestion and fuel your body throughout the day:


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