Embracing the Unseen: Angel Morgan’s Journey as a Renowned Psychic and Animal Communicator

by Brooke Young

Angel Morgan is a renowned psychic, medium, and animal communicator celebrated for her 25-year journey. With global acclaim, she connects with loved ones passed, communicates with animals, and taps into spiritual guides both onstage and through private sessions. Through her gifts, she brings closure and fosters self-awareness and love. Angel uses her platform to share teachings from diverse cultures encountered on her adventures, enriching lives with wisdom and compassion.

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Name: Angel Morgan
Company: Raising Energy

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Congratulations on your 25th anniversary in this field! Share your origin story with us. What inspired you to pursue a career as a medium and animal communicator?

Angel Morgan: Thank you!

The short version: I was in Guatemala and taken to a mountain top where a medicine man told me I was going to speak with animals and make a difference in the world. I thought he was crazy because at the time I was a non believer (but becoming curious). This came just after the first psychic I had ever seen told me I was going to work with mediumship and psychic work. I thought she was nuts too! Then, six weeks after I came home from South America through magical circumstances I found myself in an animal communications class!  Me being me, I went to debunk it because at the time I believed there had to be a limit somewhere.
Happily, I was shown a new world and within a few months of that class, I was working in the store where I had my first psychic reading.
A year later I was invited to do readings live onstage and that night changed my life. I finally knew how I fit. I love doing one-on-one private work, but my stage work is uplifting to the audience and for me as well!

Your upcoming debut at the Triad Theater in NYC on June 7th is highly anticipated. What can the audience expect from this performance?

Angel Morgan: It’s going to be amazing! I will be calling in spirits and bringing through messages for audience members from loved ones, pets, angels guides, guardians and so much more.  But I’m very different as a reader. I connect to uncommon things. Past lives, spirit animals…I am what’s known as a realm walker. So audiences will have to expect the unexpected.

it’s interactive, fun, and fast paced. Time flies during these shows. In the first half, I bring through messages and choose those who need them. In the second half, the audience members stand up and ask questions of me, so no one gets left out.

Describe one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had during a reading or communication session?

Angel Morgan: I have had so many! Some of my favourites have been people whose past lives I have tapped that find there is a direct connection for them in this lifetime. I had an experience with a woman who came in arms crossed. She was there with her daughter. It was obvious she did not want to be there. Her husband had passed and when he came through her arms dropped and her body completely relaxed. Through her tears she said “tell him it’s about time, I’ve been needing to say so much to him.” We spent the next hour healing. It was very touching and meaningful for all of us. I had an encounter with a whale once that left me speechless. It swam right up to me out of all the people I was with and connected on such a deep scale. I felt every ounce of its emotions. Happiness, sadness. It made my knees buckle. It was awesome.

Your Animal Communication prowess is incredible. How did you discover this gift? In your experience, are their common messages pets wish to convey?

Angel Morgan: I’ve always been able to connect. I just didn’t realize it. Most of us don’t. We do it naturally. So naturally it’s like walking or talking. It took the medicine people I spoke of earlier to open my eyes.

Pets always want their families to know they are able to talk to them. They want them to know they are loved by them. They also, most times, want them to know they are aware of what’s going on in their families lives and have opinions on it too. They want to be heard.

Your blog, My Psychic Lifestyle, covers various topics related to spirituality and wellness. What impact do you hope your writings have both individually and culturally?

Angel Morgan: My aim with the blog, and all I do, is to help people know that we are all intuitive and that intuition plays a part in our everyday lives. I want readers to learn to find, use and develop their unique abilities to better their lives in every aspect. Culturally, I want our society to live more in their parasympathetic nervous system. Their centre for positivity, executive brain functions and higher vibrations. This helps us to become more self actualized and realized, and to manifest more effortlessly. If we can achieve this as a society, then we can live in a more connected place in our lives and bridge the gap between our world and all the other unseen and seen realms. What’s really intriguing to me is that the more we work with our own higher selves and intuitive bodies, the more connected we become to our ancestors and their teachings. We get back to the basics and simplicities of who we are. So we almost have to go backward to go forward lol!

With 25 years in this sector, how have you seen the public’s perception of psychic abilities and spiritual guidance change over time?

Angel Morgan: Wow! Great question. I have found that even in the last five years this work has become more mainstream and acceptable. Society is looking to become more purpose driven and we can’t be that without going inward and listening to our hearts, the centre of intuitive ability.

When I started, many of us had a hard time saying we are psychic in any situation. Now it’s considered a complementary modality to many mainstream health services like counselling, psychiatry, and veterinary services.

How do you envision the future of your career and your contributions to the field of psychic phenomena and spiritual wellness? What upcoming projects or goals are you excited about?

Angel Morgan: I hope to do more shows, television, radio, and wonderful interviews like this because it’s fun! And it gets the word out that we can all connect and be a bridge to all realms. That our intuition is a part of who we are and can be utilized on such a larger scale than we currently do. It’s time to strengthen that psychic muscle in order to  better ourselves, families and communities. There is nothing to hide from or fear in stepping into it as a lifestyle or interest.

My career is going to grow in whatever way is necessary for me to be of service to wherever I am required.

How can our readership connect with you?

Angel Morgan: I am available globally. Anyone can check me out or book a reading, ticket or time with me at: Raisingenergy.com

Brooke Young, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank Angel Morgan for taking the time to do this interview and share her knowledge and experience with our readers.

If you would like to get in touch with Angel Morgan or her company, you can do it through her – Instagram

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