Anja Skodda: The Biotech Entrepreneur Changing The Pet Health Industry With Happybond

by Jerome Knyszewski

“HAPPYBOND is changing the health of your pet! We developed a suit of product that scientifically prove to extend your dogs Healthspan.”

Meet Anja Skodda, the Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist of HAPPYBOND.  With a background in biotechnology and entrepreneurship, Anja has developed a breakthrough collagen formula that builds, maintains, and repairs mammalian joint & hip cartilage and has partnerships with Academy award-winning actress Halle Berry and musician Ziggy Marley.

HAPPYBOND is a company that approaches whole health for pets: Body, Mind, and Play and they provide Healthspan knowledge in the “wild West” of Pet products.

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We Are Thrilled To Have You Join Us Today! Let’s Start Off With A Little Introduction. Tell Our Readers A Bit About Yourself And Your Company.

Anja Skodda: I am the Founder/CEO/ Chief Scientist of HAPPYBOND. I studied biotechnology at the Technical University of Berlin for seven years, specializing in tissue engineering of cartilage and skin. During this time I worked on protein expression at Novartis in Basel. My research at Novartis expedited the production of new drugs through the use of fluorescent markers.

My biotech work includes developing the automated technology to scale the drug screening for rheumatoid arthritis, and avoiding animal testing. I started my entrepreneurial career in 2006, launching a Bullywood, a corporate company in Stockholm. I organised and ran the venue and services end to end. It grew to host 200 events a year.

Following my passion for horse riding, in 2010 Anja moved back to Germany to train with the world’s best dressage riders.

A beauty drink called ‘Anti Everything’, a collagen infused vodka cocktail, simultaneously delivered anti-aging benefits and a nice buzz. The product launch went viral and generated media coverage around the world. One year later, I created ‘HAPPYBOND’ in L.A. to commercialise a breakthrough collagen formula that builds, maintains and repairs mammalian joint & hip cartilage.

My inspiration was to help Tony, my beloved bulldog, to overcome arthritis and skateboard again. Within weeks of taking the supplement, Tony, was painfree and back riding his skateboard.

In August of 2019, I partnered with Cesar Millan, the “Dog Whisperer” and within a year we Extended HAPPYBOND to strengthen the bond to your best friend and encompass all products, people and pets. HAPPYBOND is approaching whole health for pets: Body, Mind and Play and they provide Healthspan knowledge in the “wild West” of Pet products.

The Company has existing partnerships with academy award winning actress Halle Berry and Musician Ziggy Marley with 2 co-branded pet lines in the market. I am holding 2 patents on the Collagen formulation and 2 pending patents for a groundbreaking technology making fresh dog food shelf stable without the use of preservatives and a weight management tool. I currently resides in Venice California with bulldog Nando, who is HAPPYBOND’s Chief Tasting Officer and my Family, Husband Johan and daughter Leil.

Anja Skodda

If You Were In An Elevator With Warren Buffet, How Would You Describe Your Company, Your Services Or Products? What Makes Your Company Different From Others? What Is Your Company’s Biggest Strength?

Anja Skodda: HAPPYBOND is changing the health of your pet! We developed a suit of product that scientifically prove to extend your dogs Healthspan.

With our patented process to make a fresh, human grade pet food that allows to be kept in your pantry for over 24 month with no fillers, preservatives, by products or added vitamins, just 5 main ingredients and sustainable packed in a glass jar.

Our Patented Collagen for pets keeps their joints and bones strong and flexible from puppy till Senior. We are founded by a scientist and do all R&D in house, tested on humans first!

In The Past Year, What Is The Greatest Business Achievement You’d Like To Celebrate With Your Team? Please Share The Details Of That Success.

Anja Skodda: We established Partnerships with Cesar Millan, Halle Berry and Ziggy Marley, have been mentioned in Forbes Magazine and hold 2 Patents.

We launched 15 products to date and are proud to stand 100% behind our ingredients and claims!

Anja Skodda

What Advice Do You Wish You Received When You Started Your Business Journey And What Do You Intend On Improving In The Next Quarter?

Anja Skodda: I wish I would have had a role model, a female Scientist that pursued her passion and business. Someone that would have told me that my main job as a Founder is raising Capital and that you need to raise more than you think you will need.

We are raising our Series A next year and in the next Quarter want to show growth through our retail sales as we just launched our unique Dog food.

Here Is A Two Fold Question: What Is The Book That Influenced You The Most And How? Please Share Some Life Lessons You Learned. Now What Book Have You Gifted The Most And Why?

Anja Skodda: “Laws of Human Nature” – Robert Green. This is a great book to learn about human nature and basically is a guideline to categorise different types of natures and how to address and work with them.

I felt is was extremely helpful to understand people you work with and people you have meetings with, there are many AHA moments in there and a lot of interesting history:) A must for any Entrepreneur as we all deal with people.

Christopher Hitchens, An American Journalist, Is Quoted As Saying That “everyone Has A Book In Them” Have You Written A Book? If So, Please Share With Us Details About It. If You Haven’t, What Book Would You Like To Write And How Would You Like It To Benefit The Readers?

Anja Skodda: I think every Entrepreneur has a lot of Stories to tell that many of us can rely to, I believe the journey of an entrepreneur is a book. I certainly can fill a book!

Anja Skodda

Business Is All About Overcoming Obstacles And Creating Opportunities For Growth. What Do You See As The Real Challenge Right Now?

Anja Skodda: I just read this book The obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday and I believe it is a point on, we are always trying to overcome an Obstacle and by succeeding seeing new opportunities on the horizon.

For me at the moment the biggest challenge is to raise enough capital to cover supply and growth/marketing without having the big numbers yet, but the trail to it.

In Your Experience, What Tends To Be The Most Underestimated Part Of Running A Company? Can You Share An Example?

Anja Skodda: Definitely supply chain and fundraising. I created several products and it all worked fine to pan out cash flow and sales forecast, but when I moved into Dog Food, a more complex category and I was forced to supply all ingredients before production it became a very intense and cash flow sensitive process.

Fundraising is a big part for every business and I did not realise that this will continue through every stage. Learn early on how to pitch and what best options you have to build a network. Start a list and stay on top of it with notes, it will get confusing.

On A Lighter Note, If You Had The Ability To Pick Any Business Superpower, What Would It Be And How Would You Put It Into Practice?

Anja Skodda: I would love the ability to mind read. It will give me the opportunity to better react on investor demands and understand customers and partners.

What Does “success” In The Year To Come Mean To You? It Could Be On A Personal Or Business Level, Please Share Your Vision.

Anja Skodda: To make pet parents aware, that it is important, what they are feeding their pets. Nutrition is 80% of their Health.

Success for me, is to to grow our customers base to ensure more dogs are getting the best foundation to stay healthy. Keep as many dogs happy and healthy as possible. In order to do this we need to successfully raise capital.

Jerome Knyszewski, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank Anja Skodda for taking the time to do this interview and share his knowledge and experience with our readers.

If you would like to get in touch with Anja Skodda or his company, you can do it through his – Linkedin Page

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