Are Microwave-Safe Plastic Containers *Actually* Safe To Microwave?

by Jerald Dyson

It’s lunchtime, and you’ve been excited to eat last night’s homemade curry since…well, since you ate it last night for dinner. Your glass storage containers were all being used, so you had to reach for a plastic container that you haven’t phased out yet in your (slow but steady) shift to eco-friendly kitchen products. 

You only have 30 minutes before your next meeting, so you head to the office kitchen to heat up your curry. Right as you’re about to throw it in the microwave, you quickly glance to make sure the container is microwave safe. And then you hesitate, because you aren’t sure you actually know what “microwave safe” means. Or even more of a head scratcher, how about “microwave safe, patent pending.”

You’ve read about the many ways plastics can hurt not just the environment, but your health as well. So how “safe” is microwaveable plastic, after all? 


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