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by Jerald Dyson

Life Coach Orange County: Partnering with a life coach is a personal and important decision. These professionals can help you attain your goals by creating a proper plan. For instance, if you are living a busy life and cannot balance your professional and personal lives, a life coach can help you with time management.

Finding a life coach is a tricky part. As an unregulated business, every second person out there is a life coach. Therefore, you must invest your time to find the best life coach in Orange County that will help you achieve your desired goals

Read on to learn everything about life coaching and some of the best orange country life coaches in the business. 

Life Coach – A Job Description

Let’s start with the basics: what is a life coach? In simplest words, a life coach is a professional who helps you identify and achieve your desired goals. If you are stuck at some point in your life, a life coach acts as a guide and allows you to find a productive way.

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Life coaches help individuals achieve their full potential. They use your unique skills and gifts and make a plan to achieve your desired goals. Remember that a life coach is not your parent or friend. These professionals won’t achieve your goals for you. They will only create a plan, and it’s “YOU” who will do all the work.

What Does A Life Coach Do?

A life coach is a wellness professional who helps individuals make significant changes in life to achieve greater fulfillment. These professionals allow you to detect the obstacles holding you back and then create a plan to overcome those obstacles.

In general, there are follow positive outcomes that you can get by partnering with a life coach:

  • Stronger relationships
  • Satisfying work life
  • Better communication skills
  • Improved financial security
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Relief from anxiety and fears
  • Better work/life balance

Life Coach VS Therapist

Most people out there think both life coaching and therapy fields are the same. However, this could not be any far from the truth. Life coaches and therapists are totally different professionals. While life coaches are wellness professionals, a therapist is considered a healthcare professional.

Unlike a life coach, a therapist requires an advanced degree and a license to practice. Plus, the main focus of therapy is on the past. This field deal with past traumas and mental issues. However, a life coach works on the present to improve the future. 

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Life Coach

Life coaches are not that budget-friendly. These professionals can charge anywhere between $80 to $1000 per session. So, you must consider some things before hiring a life coach, such as:


As mentioned earlier, life coaching is an unregulated industry, which means you don’t need an advanced degree or a certification to start your practice. As a result, every second person out there is starting a career as a life coach.

We recommend joining forces with professionals who have at least a life coach certification. With a life coach certification, you can know that your selected life coach knows what he/she is doing. Plus, a certified life coach knows numerous coaching tools and techniques that can help you in your journey.


Experience is way more important than a life coach certification. If a life coach has more than 10 years of experience in that certain field, you can just ignore the certification. 

Skills And Abilities

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There are some skills and abilities that every life coach must possess. For instance, your selected life coach must have great communication and listening skills. Without these skills, the life coach won’t be able to communicate with you. As a result, your money will be wasted.

Besides communication, your selected life coach must be:

  • Passionate
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Innovative
  • Loving
  • Business-Minded
  • Motivational
  • Flexible
  • Secretive

7 Best Life Coaches In Orange Country

Now that you know everything you need to know about life coaches, it’s time to find a life coach in orange country. As mentioned earlier, finding a life coach is a personal decision. So, you cannot just ask other people for a recommendation. 

To help you out in this process, below, we have compiled a list of 7 best Orange County life coaches that will help suit your personality perfectly:

Vivian Linos Life Coach

You can consider Vivian Linos an all-rounder life coach. She offers her coaching services for groups, families, couples, as well as individuals. With more than fifteen years of coaching experience, Vivian helps her clients with career-building, relationships, and personal growth.

Along with the impressive experience, Vivian Linos also has several degrees, including a postgraduate certificate in counseling, psychotherapy, and family therapy, as well as a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in psychology. 

life coach orange county

Universal Core Wellness Center– UCWC

UCWC offers various emotional, physical, and mental wellness services to its clients. This organization is located in Laguna Niguel and contains a variety of options, including holistic wellness, retreats, ceremonies, life coaching, reading, and energy healing. 

As an organization, they believe in quality. The energy healing at UCWC includes intuitive medical nutrition, akashic records, crystal healing, chakra clearing, etheric code cutting, remote distance healing, pet reiki, shamanic reiki, and more. 

The life coaching services at UCWC allow you to create healthy relationships, discover your voice, live authentically, set goals, and live your dreams. The founder of UCWC, Melissa Wallace, is a counselor, ordained minister, nutritional coach, certified lifestyle coach, and holistic health practitioner.

The Newport Clinic

Another organization that deserves a spot on our list is the Newport Clinic. Scott Sandland, the founder of the Newport Clinic, has more than 20 years of coaching experience and uses discrete and confidential sessions to help his clients. 

The Newport clinic has helped thousands of people by improving their lifestyles and helping them attain their desired goals. The Newport clinic offers numerous secessions, including advice to reduce anxiety and stress, counseling, life coaching, marriage coaching, and hypnotherapy. 

The best thing about the Newport clinic is that they offer a free consultation to their clients. In this consultation, you can learn about the organization and explain your desired goals.

The Dotted Line Group 

This firm, located in California, offers practical solutions to organizations and individuals to boost performance, improve quality of life and empower clients. Besides these, they provide decision-making guidance, emotional intelligence enhancement, skill development, and career counseling.

The Dotted Line Group is popular because of its consulting services, including marketing, sales, and strategy. With this firm, you can learn about executive development, cost control, admin, finance, community management, channel, customer, social media, and more. 


Jill Wu 

Jill Wu is a hypnotherapist and certified life coach in Orange County. She has been providing both couples and individuals coaching services online and in-person since 2014. Jill Wu is a learner. She has obtained multiple degrees, including a master’s degree in family therapy, marriage, and counseling. Furthermore, she also has an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Due to multiple degrees, Jill Wu is specialized in several fields, such as career and work problems, anger and stress management, LGBTQ issues, guided imagery, co-dependency, life coaching, sex addiction, and couples’ intimacy therapy.

Janet Whitney MFT 

Janet Whitney is a life coach in Orange County, California. She has more than 3 decades of experience in group, family, and couple counseling. Janet partners with clients to alleviate their negative behaviors, relationship problems, anxiety, and depression. 

Psychology Today has profiled Janet Whitney as the best list coach. She helps her clients achieve their full potential through the “Law of Attraction” and allows them to see their deepest desires and innermost dreams.

Brandi Martin

Brandi Martin is professional wellness and life coach in Orange County, California. She offers a 20-minutes free consultation, in which you get a chance to describe your goals and desires. Plus, she also offers other services, such as monthly video and individual conferencing sessions, phone sessions, and pre-obtained individual phone sessions.

Clients love Brandi Martin because she connects with them instead of just following a meaningless motion of coaching. Brandi helps her clients to be stronger and more confident by providing a comfortable environment and following the code of ethics. 

Life Coach Charges In Orange Country

If you plan to hire a life coach in orange coach, it’s rational to ask, how much does a life coach in Orange County charge?

Well, the charges of a life coach depend on several factors, including location, method of coaching, niche, experience, education, and more. On average, a life coach in Orange County can charge up to $220 per session. However, you can also purchase a coaching package to save some bucks.

Final verdict

There are thousands of life coaches available in orange country. Therefore, you must do your research and hire the best coach that will suit your personality. Vivian Linos is considered the best life coach in Orange County.

However, you should do your homework and hire an Orange County life coach that won’t clash with your personality!

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