“Butter Boards” Are Now A Trend: This Hack Makes Them Slightly More Nutritious

by Jerald Dyson

Every Sunday, my friends and I gather in the backyard of their quaint (read: tiny) New York apartment for “Family Dinner.” Each week serves as a time to workshop recipes and try the latest trends that the internet has to offer. This week’s feature: a butter board, straight from TikTok.

What is a butter board, you may ask? Well, while you’ve surely heard of a charcuterie board, the butter board has slowly been creeping up the ranks—and it’s exactly what it sounds like. To make one, simply spread softened butter across a board (we’re partial to grass-fed here at mbg) and add the toppings of your choosing. Then, give everyone a slice of bread to dip into the buttery goodness.

For this week’s dinner party, we opted for honey and pesto to complement the creamy, delicious butter. And the ensuing feast got me thinking: Is there any way to make this decadent dish even a tiny bit healthier?


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