Calling All Libras: These 13 Crystals Can Help You Live Your Best Life

by Jerald Dyson

Before we dive in to the best crystals for Libras, it’ll help to have a basic understanding of what the Libra sign is all about.

To start, it’s ruled by Venus, the planet of love—so Libra is interested in all things relationships, as well as beauty, pleasure, art, and aesthetics. But don’t think they’re only concerned with material or physical pleasure; Libras are also very peaceful and value balance and harmony above all else.

This is a relationship-focused sign, often appeasing others in the name of avoiding conflict (unlike its opposite sign, Aries). Libra is symbolized by the scales, after all, indicating the sign’s efforts to keep things balanced and fair.

Along with being ruled by Venus, Libra is also an air sign, with the element of air being associated with ideas, logic, communication, technology, and information. Libra applies all those airy themes to its passion for peace, in order to make the world that much more harmonious for everyone.

A Libra’s strength lies in her ability to judge fairly, see all sides, communicate, and foster balance. She may, however, struggle with maintaining boundaries, standing up for herself, and making decisions.

All that said, in terms of the crystals that are best for this sign, according to crystal expert and founder of Energy Muse Heather Askinosie, you want to go for ones that bring out the best qualities Libras already have—and ones that offer them something they may be lacking.


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