Can a Naturopath Help with Weight Loss

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Our physical and emotional health can both be negatively impacted by being overweight. In order to lose weight, it is crucial to get back to what is beneficial for our bodies, such as a balanced emotional state, an improved mobility and energy level, and a healthy diet. These are some reasons why naturopathy for weight reduction is worthwhile to think about if you are having difficulties losing weight, maintaining weight after dieting, or accumulating too much body fat.


Naturopathy is a wholistic approach to wellness that addresses the complete person, not just the area that is afflicted, and the cause of health problems, not simply the symptoms. You don’t have to be ill to benefit from naturopathy; it is suited for all ages and can treat a wide variety of illnesses. They include procedures that increase the body’s capacity for self-healing, bring about harmony, and aid in disease prevention, such as:

  • Herbal remedies to treat and prevent a variety of ailments.
  • Nutritional and nutritional guidance for disease prevention, cleansing, and the restoration of equilibrium.
  • Lifestyle suggestions to lessen stress and enhance wellbeing.
  • Hydrotherapy to boost the body’s natural defences and immunological system.
  • Using packs and compresses to relieve discomfort and stimulate organ function.
  • Using flower essences to strengthen the emotional component of healing is another skill some naturopaths have been trained in.
  • Soft tissue manipulation to enable detoxification, lessen discomfort, and harmonise the body’s systems

What are a few causes of weight gain?

A healthy weight is much more than just a figure on the scales, a kilocalorie count, or a “size.” It can involve more than just cutting back on calories and increasing exercise for some folks. The following are a few potential underlying causes of weight gain:

  • Pituitary gland issues
  •  Insulin resistance
  •  Thyroid issues
  • Fatigue from lack of adrenaline; hyperglycemia or other blood sugar issues; insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome; hormonal issues; a fatty liver; toxicity; inflammation; high cortisol levels from ongoing stress; anxiety; and depression
  • Chronic, low-grade inflammation; abnormal appetite regulation; medication-related difficulties; addiction to unhealthful foods and beverages; genetic factors that affect how someone burns fat

Does naturopathy help people lose weight?

The easy response? Yes. Whether your weight gain is the result of a bacterial imbalance, bad diet, or overeating, it may frequently be reversed with a light cleansing/detox programme, additional exercise, or gut health counselling under the direction of your naturopath.

Because they ignore these problems, a lot of people who attempt to reduce weight fail. Hence, as soon as they discontinue their weight-loss programme, they immediately put the weight back on. Naturopaths will often start by assisting you in identifying the root cause of your weight-related issues. The best holistic treatment will then be chosen for your particular needs, and it will vary depending on a variety of circumstances.

They not only have an effect on your body composition but also on your general health and happiness because of the connection between weight problems and other ailments including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes..

Weight loss strategies

Up to 95 percent of weight-loss programmes fail, according to some research, and the majority of people gain back the weight they lost within five years. This may be the result of: • Failing to address the patterns and behaviours that initially contributed to the weight gain..

 Engaging in extreme, unsustainable diets. The majority of “quick fix” remedies you might purchase from a chemist or merchant merely cause you to lose a lot of muscle and “water weight,” which might start the cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain that many people encounter.

Insufficient diet

Natural, complete foods that are free of chemicals are the cornerstone of good health. Proper nutrition and dietary choices are important. Several Australians aren’t getting the vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, iron, and magnesium, that they require for a healthy lifestyle, according to studies.

This is concerning since magnesium is crucial for healthy nerves, muscles, bones, and blood sugar levels, zinc is important for metabolism and a strong immune system, and iron is involved in vital body processes like the transport of oxygen in the blood.

In terms of a naturopathic diet for weight loss, naturopaths will work with you to develop a food and activity schedule that suits your needs and preferences. To ensure that your body is supported throughout the programme, they will also detect any nutrients you might be deficient in. This could take the shape of organic vitamins or herbal treatments.

Ratios of fat to muscle

Although everyone of us is unique, our ideal weight is a compromise between our muscle mass and body fat, which are both affected by our height and frame size. To assist you maintain a constant weight, it’s essential to make sure you have enough muscle.

Balanced diet is also a major factor in muscle growth, in addition to resistance training. This is because your body needs particular nutrients in order for muscle cells to perform at their best.


Most people who see a naturopathic physician for weight loss would make sure that, depending on the situation, the obvious causes of weight gain are being addressed or have already been investigated. This could involve looking into hypothyroidism or even other hormones that might be in excess, such cortisol or adrenal hormones.

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