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Can High Potassium Cause Weight Loss

by Patty Allen


Potassium is an essential nutrient found in all cells and tissues of the body. When potassium levels drop, it can significantly affect a wide range of bodily functions, which can lead to lower energy levels and physical and mental fatigue.

Does potassium make you lose weight?

Apart from the many benefits mentioned above, experts also claim that potassium could play an active role in helping you lose weight. According to a study conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University, subjects who actually increased their potassium intake had a greater average decrease in BMI.

How does potassium affect weight?

PREVENT EXCESSIVE WATER RETENTION: As an electrolyte, potassium combines with sodium to help regulate fluids around your cells and prevent you from retaining too much water. This is important because at any given time you can hold three to five pounds of water weight.

Does potassium speed up the metabolism?

With a balanced diet and increased potassium, most people can get the metabolic boost they need.

Can high potassium lead to weight gain?

The results of the pooled analysis and the systematic review indicated that high potassium intake could not reduce the risk of obesity (pooled OR = 0.78, 95% CI: 0.61 – 1, 01), while serum potassium and urinary sodium-potassium ratio were associated with obesity.

Does potassium flatten the stomach?

Potassium. Why it’s great: Potassium helps flatten your stomach in two ways: it helps with muscle recovery after a workout and it helps your body rid itself of water and sodium, which reduces bloating .

Does potassium help you lose fat?

Potassium is an essential element in your quest for weight loss, along with many other health benefits. A diet rich in potassium not only helps you lose weight, but can also improve heart and kidney health.

What happens if there is excess potassium in the body?

Hyperkalemia occurs when potassium levels in the blood rise too high. Potassium is an essential nutrient found in food. This nutrient helps your nerves and muscles work. But too much potassium in the blood can damage the heart and lead to a heart attack.

Does potassium reduce water weight?

Increasing your potassium intake can be beneficial for reducing excess water weight, especially if you don’t eat potassium-rich foods regularly. Many fruits and vegetables are high in potassium, including potatoes, apricots, spinach, and tomatoes (7).

What potassium helps to lose weight?

Potassium Citrate
Potassium citrate may help preserve lean body mass while dieting by reducing blood acidity in those following a low-carb, ketogenic diet. Additionally, recent research has shown that potassium citrate may help prevent kidney stones in people following a low-carb or ketogenic diet.


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