Can You Sleep in Darkwood

by Sehrish Vulvox ABC

If you’re an avid fan of survival horror games, then you’ve probably heard of Darkwood. This indie game has gained a reputation for its immersive and terrifying atmosphere, with players struggling to survive the horrors that lurk in the woods. One of the biggest challenges of the game is surviving the night, but can you sleep in Darkwood? Yes, you can leave your barricaded location during the night, but it is not recommended.

Understanding the Mechanics of Darkwood

Before we dive into sleeping in Darkwood, let’s first understand the mechanics of the game. Darkwood is a top-down, survival horror game where the player must navigate through a forest full of supernatural and dangerous entities. During the day, the player can explore and gather resources, but as night falls, the game becomes much more difficult.

When night falls, the player must find a safe location to set up camp. This can be a house or any other enclosed area that can be barricaded. The player must then survive the night by fending off attacks from the creatures that roam the woods. As the night progresses, the attacks become more frequent and intense, making it harder for the player to survive.

Can You Sleep in Darkwood?

The short answer is no, you cannot sleep in Darkwood. Unlike other survival games, Darkwood does not allow the player to simply sleep through the night. The night is a crucial part of the game, and the player must actively defend themselves from the creatures that come out to hunt.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t rest. The game provides the player with a bed that they can use to regain health and stamina. The bed can only be used during the day, but it provides a much-needed respite from the dangers of the night.

Tips for Surviving the Night

Now that we’ve established that you can’t sleep in Darkwood, let’s give you some tips for surviving the night:

•           Barricade Yourself In

As mentioned earlier, finding a safe location to set up camp is crucial for surviving the night. You should look for a house or other enclosed area that can be barricaded to keep the creatures out. Make sure to board up all windows and doors, and use any furniture you find to fortify your defenses.

•           Use Traps

Darkwood provides the player with a variety of traps that can be used to defend themselves. These include bear traps, tripwires, and even explosives. Use these traps strategically to slow down or weaken the creatures, giving you time to attack or escape.

•           Keep Your Distance

The creatures in Darkwood are dangerous and can quickly overwhelm you if you get too close. Try to keep your distance and use ranged weapons like guns or throwing weapons to attack them from afar.

•           Stay Calm

Finally, it’s important to stay calm during the night. Panicking will only make the situation worse, and you’ll be more likely to make mistakes. Take deep breaths, and try to stay focused on defending yourself. If you do need to leave your barricaded location at night, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of survival.

The Risks of Sleeping in Darkwood

While sleeping can be beneficial in Darkwood, it also comes with risks. When players sleep, they are vulnerable to attacks from monsters, which can cause significant damage or even kill them. Additionally, sleeping also consumes fuel, which can be a scarce resource in the game. If players don’t have enough fuel, they may not be able to sleep at all, which can be a problem if they’re low on health and stamina.

How to Minimize the Risks of Sleeping in Darkwood

To minimize the risks of sleeping in Darkwood, players need to be strategic about when and where they sleep. It’s important to clear the area around the bed of any obstructions, as this will give players more time to react to any incoming threats. Players should also make sure that they have enough fuel for their generator before sleeping, and try to conserve fuel as much as possible during the day.


In conclusion, sleeping in Darkwood is a critical mechanic that can have both benefits and risks. While sleeping can help players regain their health and stamina and pass the time, it also leaves them vulnerable to attacks from monsters and consumes fuel. Players need to be strategic about when and where they sleep, and try to conserve fuel as much as possible. Ultimately, sleeping can have a significant impact on gameplay in Darkwood, and players need to be mindful of this when deciding whether or not to sleep. By understanding the mechanics of sleeping in Darkwood and taking steps to minimize the risks, players can improve their chances of survival and progression in the game.

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