Cancer Season & The Summer Solstice Arrive This Week: What You Need To Know

by Jerald Dyson

For the past month, Gemini’s solar flares have given us all a case of astrological ADHD. Focusing deeply on anyone’s words, much less remembering which events we promised we’d show up at, has been…trying. But now, the friends-and-family reunions begin.

With Cancerian warmth nurturing our souls, nesting instincts are on high alert. Give your innermost circle priority on the calendar—bonus points if it involves a beach vacation or whipping up home-cooked meals together!

Speaking of which, does your home feel like a haven? And how about your workspace? Take time to personalize all your square footage with sweet and cozy touches. The longest, lightest day of the year is a powerful moment of personal illumination. (And a day of deep introspection for our friends below the equator.)

Tender emotions that have been buried beneath our shells are ready to be examined—with journals, supportive friends, and maybe a great therapist. For the coming four weeks, creative bursts could give birth to transcendent works of art. Set up an inspiring “studio” and be a vessel for the muse.


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