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by Jerald Dyson
career coach certification

Successful businessmen often have a straight vision – concentrating on the most important business issues, such as employees, operations, revenue, and clients, while they forget about their personal lives. 

A career coaching certification allows you to learn some useful skills that you need to balance your professional and personal lives. Through these programs, you can help your clients with fast-tracking their business growth. Please keep reading to learn about different career coach certification programs and their features.

What Is A Career Coach?

A career coach is a professional that helps individuals in improving different skills, 

such as resume building, interviewing, career planning, and negotiation. While an individual can only track some careers and gigs in their lives, these experts are up-to-date with current hiring practices as they are continuously working to help other job seekers.

career coach certification

What Does A Career Coach Do?

In simplest words, hiring a career coach is like partnering with a brand awareness team. These professionals allow you to identify your full potential and skills and then market these skills to attract potential employers. 

A career coach is well versed in network building, motivation techniques, career planning, and crafting resumes. These coaches can help individuals with several tasks, including:

  • Finding long-term jobs
  • Balancing personal and professional lives
  • Migrating from one job to your dream job
  • Ensuring accountability

9 Best Career Coach Certifications

Unlike other disciplines, a career coach certification is not necessary to start a career coach business. You don’t even need an advanced degree or other documents. However, according to the International Coaching Federation, more than 90% of coaches out there are certified and have a legit life coach certification from a well-reputed organization.

Following are some of the most popular career coach certification programs 

available out there:

CTA -Coach Training Alliance

The Coach Training Alliance offers one of the best life coach certification programs. Its career coach program can cost up to $3,500. The CTA offers different kinds of career coach certifications, including the Art and Science of Coaching Certification and the Career Coaching Master Certification.

Coach Training Alliance features several workshops to learn about the program before investing your money. Once you get this certification, you can move on to executive, leadership, and organizational coaching. In addition, this organization offers up to 22 ICF accredited programs with training and coaching tools and techniques.


  • Build Business-Building Skills
  • Focus on Unique Interests
  • Weekly Calls and Mentoring


  • No In-Person Sessions
  • No Fast-Tracking Option

Udemy – Career Coach Certification

career coach certification

If you have a limited budget, Udemy offers several inexpensive career coach certification programs. These programs feature eight to ten hours of training and a multitude of non-accredited and accredited providers. These affordable courses are the best pick for those who are working within a smaller company or a non-profit organization. 

Udemy Career Coach Certification programs are quite helpful; they add on to your education and existing skills. If you have completed a career coaching certification and want to refresh your memory, you can always enroll in these programs. Most of these programs only cost between $20 to $100, making it one of the most economical options.


  • No Prerequisites Required
  • Few Program Offer CEUs and Accreditation
  • Most Affordable Option


  • Course Quality and Timeframe Varies Considerably

Cci – Career Coach Institute

We love this career coach certification program because it is virtual and self-paced. You can complete this course while working. Plus, this program uses a combined e-learning approach with quizzes, textbooks, CDs, and webinars. The Career Coach Institute uses the “Quantum Shift Coaching” module, which is quite effective.

According to the official website of the Career Coach Institute, this program can cost up to $5,000. However, if you don’t want some specials, the cost of this career coach certification program can decrease to $2,000. For people who are not looking for globally recognized certification, this flexible life coach program is probably the best option.


  • Installment Options Available
  • 100% satisfaction Guarantee
  • Blended Learning Approach


  • Re-certification Require After Every 3 Years

Rider Univesity

career coach certification

Compared to other on-campus career coach certifications, the Rider University of New Jersey is quite affordable. This program can cost up to $1,300 per credit hour, which is much less costly compared to other universities, including Georgetown University and New York university that can cost anywhere between $1,800 to $3,500 per credit hour.

Rider University features a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, providing you with the best-experienced career coaches that cannot be found on any other virtual life coach program. This university offers both online and in-person courses. Plus, ACT and SAT scores are not necessary for applying to this career coaching program.


  • Accredited by Multiple Coaching Organization
  • Graduate and Master degrees Available


  • Programs are offered on an Academic Calendar 

Career Development Network

The Career Development Network has two robust and affordable career coaching certification programs that offer CEUs for continuing education. The cost of these programs can fall anywhere between $1,000 to $1,500, making it an economical option. The two programs of this organization include:

  • The Job and Career Transition Coach
  • The Job and Career Development Coach

Career Development Network has been providing these certifications since 1979 and is considered one of the best business-focused programs worldwide. Just like Career Coach Institute and IAP college, the certification of this program is received from the same institute that provides coaching training. However, this program is recognized by several coach matching services such as Noomi.


  • Offer CEUs for Continuing Education
  • The program can be Completed in Three Days
  • One Course, Two Certifications


  • Website Does not Have Dynamic Navigation

Ncda – National Career Development Association

career coach certification

The NCDA offers multiple credential programs and professional development courses, such as Certified master of Career Service and Certified Career Counselor. As the division of ACA, the NCDA has been offering career coaching certifications since 1913, making it one of the oldest organizations in the market. 

Many of the programs offered by NCDA are tailored to specific industries such as private practitioners, veterans/military. The programs are taught by experienced instructors and can run from eight weeks to fifteen weeks. On average, these career coaching programs can cost from $900 to $1,800 and maybe reimbursable by your employer.


  • CEUs available For Continuing Education
  • Flexible programs
  • Targeted to Social Service, Academic, and Non-Profit Career Coaching


  • Coursed Offered Based on Coache’s Availability 

Iap Career College

IAP Career College is a perfect pick for those on a tight budget and those who want to sell the idea of a career coaching certification program to their employer for reimbursement. This organization provides several career coaching programs that you need to secure a promotion or improve your interviewing skills. 

It’s important you know that this certification is not recognized by any other coaching organization; the main benefit of this program is learning and saving some bucks. IAP offers 6-week part-time classes that can cost up to $380. Other than career coaching, IAP also offers some additional courses, such as “Closet Organizer Certification” and “Bakery Owner Certification.”


  • Can Complete in Six Weeks
  • No Prerequisites required
  • Late Enrollment Accepted


  • No CEUs Provided
  • Non-Recognized Certification

Cpcc – Certified Professional Career Coach

CPCC is one of the best career coaching certification programs available out there because of its open enrollment, affordability, and robust curriculum. Plus, you don’t even need a bachelor’s degree to join this career coaching program. This program is completely virtual and available to students all around the globe.

CPCC certification can cost up to $1,200 per program. These programs are inclusive, which means you will get the required training to become a certified career coach at the end of the program. CPCC also offers several resources that you can use with your paying clients and 4 hours of coaching feedback and support. 


  • Full-Service Training Program
  • CPCC Certification
  • 100% Online and Self-Paced


  • You Must be a PARW/CC Member to Enroll

Wci -World Coach Institute

career coach certification

Last but not least we have, the World Coach Institute. This organization is available in more than 35 countries, is well-recognized, and offers multiple training programs in addition to CCC – Career Coach Certification. This program is the best pick for new business persons and salaried persons; it is affordable and can cost anywhere between $2,500 to 2,800.

The best thing about this career coaching program is its flexible installment plans that are as low as $80 per month. Other than career coaching, WCI also offers unique certifications, such as Christian Coach, Family Coach, Spiritual Coach, and Life Coach. This career coaching program features feedback, 25 coaching sessions, coaching tools, textbooks, and forms.


  • No Prerequisites Required
  • Payment Plans Available
  • Complete the Whole Course in Eight Weeks


  • Require Forty Hours of Self-Study


As you can see, several organizations offer career coaching certifications. We recommend investing some time and selecting a certification that will suit you best. If you have enough money, it would be best to enroll in an ICF accredited certification program, such as Career Training Alliance. However, if you are on a tight budget, the Udemy career coaching courses are worth giving a try.

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