Change Your Life for the Better with the Right Diet Plan | Colleen Sipple’s Speed Keto Story

by Christina Gvaliant
Change Your Life for the Better with the Right Diet Plan | Colleen Sipple’s Speed Keto Story

Weight loss doesn’t just make you look good, but it also makes you feel good. You’ll feel better about yourself, and you’ll also face each day with a brand new energy and zest for life. With the right diet plan and weight loss program, you won’t have to break a sweat to achieve your well-being goals. You won’t even have to break the bank. Don’t believe it? Just listen to what Colleen Sipple has to say about losing weight through Speed Keto. 

Did you notice any changes since you began Speed Keto?

Colleen Sipple: Well, right away, I noticed that I had less joint pain. I had lower back pain, and some pain in my fingers and knees, and they all disappeared, too. I felt less bloated, and all of my IBS symptoms were gone! 

Before Speed Keto, I used to wake up just as tired as I was when I went to sleep. But now, the fatigue has left, and I have energy again at age 65!

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Which diet plans did you follow in the past?

Colleen Sipple: I tried a lot. Let’s see, I’ve tried: Michael Thurmond, Shepherd’s Diet, Advocare Challenges, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Nature’s Sunshine, Tiao He Cleanse, cabbage soup diet, Atkins, South Beach, and many more. But none of them were totally effective. They didn’t get me the weight loss results that Speed Keto did. 

I mean, the Advocare challenges worked because they made me switch to an all-meat and vegetable diet, but they were just too expensive for a lifestyle. Also, the Advocare plan didn’t get rid of my joint pain, inflammation, back pain, IBS symptoms, fatigue, bloating, etc. Speed Keto did. 

How much weight did you lose with Speed Keto?

Colleen Sipple: I was 182.8 pounds when I started Speed Keto, and I reached my goal weight of 130.8 pounds. Before, I was doing keto on my own, logging every bite of food. After 5 months, I lost 28 pounds, but my pant sizes were the same. Then I stalled in the next 2 months, even though I followed the diet faithfully.

So, when I did keto, I weighed 210.8 pounds at 5’4 1/2”. After Speed Keto, I lost a total of 80 pounds!

Who told you about Speed Keto? Where did you learn about it?

Colleen Sipple: Well, one of my best friends had to go through surgery and radiation for breast cancer, and her oncologist recommended the keto diet because she needed to lose weight. So, she helped guide me through the process of figuring out the macros for the keto diet. Later, I found Speed Keto. When I stalled on keto for 2 months, she stopped by to tell me about Speed Keto. I ordered it that day and just dived in, and I never looked back!

Which kind of meals did you enjoy most on Speed Keto?

Colleen Sipple: I absolutely love breakfast, and I like all of the recipes! After I got on Speed Keto for 7 months, my husband joined me. Our two favorite lunches are the Italian Wedding soup and the Tuna Avocado salad. We’ve shared these with our married daughter, and she joined us later on Speed Keto. We also have a two-year-old grandson, and he’s been eating a lot of lunches with me, whenever he drops by! He just loves the Tuna Avocado salad, even when I substitute chicken for the tuna! Our whole family also loves the spaghetti bolognese with the zucchini “zoodles.” 

We used to visit my 90-year-old mother in her last couple of years, and we always shared our food with her. She loved them all.

Did you try intermittent fasting with Speed Keto?

Colleen Sipple: I bought the original Speed Keto plan, which includes intermittent fasting. I’ve also done some extended fasting before Speed Keto but it was very hard. But I had a much easier time fasting on Speed Keto because you can still have the chicken bone broth. We make our own, and it’s so wonderful that we can still drink as much as we want even while fasting. 

We can really feel the benefits of allowing our bodies to heal while fasting. I have hypothyroidism, so my metabolism is a little sluggish. But fasting really helped kick my metabolism into gear. 

How did you feel when you found out that Speed Keto didn’t require you to count your macros and calories?

Colleen Sipple: Oh, I was excited. When my friend told me about Speed Keto, I was excited because I wouldn’t need to track calories or macros! I used to spend hours every day just logging every bite of food into a fitness app. I spent so much time that I refused to cook keto recipes that didn’t show the exact grams of fat, carbs, and protein. 

But now, following the Speed Keto plan is simple for me. I’m a very busy lady and it’s so freeing not needing to track all that!

Did you exercise while on Speed Keto? How did you feel when you found out that exercise wasn’t required to lose weight?

Colleen Sipple: When I began Speed Keto, I made sure to follow the minimum of exercise it gave me. Walking for 30 minutes every morning was usually the best for me, but I also walked at least 5,000 steps every day. Since we live in a two-story home, many of these steps were on the stairs. 

Now that I’ve lost 80 pounds, I’ve also been able to increase my exercise levels. So, now, instead of walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes, I jog for at least half that time. It’s been years since I rode my bicycle, and now I can keep my balance to hop on again! I can even swim laps in the pool at age 66! You know, this used to be my favorite form of exercise.

Do you feel satiated with the portion sizes on Speed Keto?

Colleen Sipple: I think the portion sizes are great. Normally, I add a side of salad to every supper that doesn’t have it. This is allowed. Eating raw salad has always helped me, because of the fiber, and it’s always very filling. My husband is 6’1”, and he feels full when he’s done eating and drinking the Bulletproof Tea. 

So, yes, I feel satiated, and so does he!

How was “dining out” while on Speed Keto? Did you find it hard to stay on track and incorporate Speed Keto into your lifestyle?

Colleen Sipple: When I attend a social event, like, say, a wedding reception or a family holiday, I always bring food that I can eat. Otherwise, I just eat before I go. Sometimes, I just drink water or unsweetened tea. But I’m glad that most restaurants offer Speed Keto choices.

You just need discipline, I think. Our family and friends have been very supportive, especially when they saw how committed we were to improving our health. Even when my mother was on assisted living in the hospital and the nursing home, and we stayed on the Speed Keto lifestyle. I mean, I don’t go anywhere without my cooler!

I’ve learned to just enjoy the fellowship and not focus so much on the food. It’s truly been very successful for me, even though I go in and out of schools to teach children, care for our grandchild, and volunteer for a local nonprofit. 

Tell us about how you kept the meals fresh and exciting on Speed Keto. Did you buy additional cookbooks, or try the “bonus” recipes?

Colleen Sipple: Personally, I did 14 rounds of Speed Keto in 15 months. That’s 30 days each round. So, for me, it became a lifestyle. I began collecting recipes by buying Speed Keto on a Budget, Speed Keto 5-minute Recipes, the Speed Keto Instapot Cookbook, and the Living Speed Keto book. You know, you can substitute any of the lunch recipes or any of the dinner recipes. 

It’s been fun to try new ones, and we like several recipes from the Completely Keto Mexiketo book. We just leave out any cheese or nuts from the recipes. Our adult son moved in with us for a while, and he’s also enjoying the Speed Keto recipes. We hope that he’ll get used to them and commit to the plan, too, since he wants to lose weight and be healthier. He already loves the bacon-wrapped meatloaf, from the Speed Keto on a Budget recipe book!

What are your current weight or health goals?

Colleen Sipple: I’m 66 years old, and I’ve noticed that my health has improved by a lot. I mean, I was able to reduce my meds for my hypothyroidism by 85%! My doctor was also elated that I now have a normal BMI. 

I’ve committed to strengthening my muscles by exercising more, and staying within 3 pounds of my goal weight. Before, I couldn’t exercise, since I was 80 pounds overweight. My knees and ankles couldn’t bear the load, and I experienced a lot of joint pain. 

Now, I know that Speed Keto is a lifestyle for me and my husband, and I don’t ever want to go back to eating the food that caused all the inflammation. My husband and I passed our physicals with excellent ratings, and we received the lowest rate per month on our life insurance premiums. At 71 years old, my husband is saving $100/month on his life insurance for the rest of his life!

Will you recommend Speed Keto to your family and friends?

Colleen Sipple: Actually, they’ve all been asking me about it. At first, I was the only one. Then my husband joined me after 7 months, because his doctor told him to get the weight off. In 4 months, he lost 43.2 pounds and 19 inches! 8 of those inches came from his waist. A year ago, my sister joined me, and she’s lost 4 pant sizes, 43.5 pounds, and 39 inches. Now, she feels great!

Then her husband joined her, and he was also able to get off all his Type 2 diabetes meds. His A1C is normal, and his doctor just told him to keep up the good work! Our daughter has lost 26.4 pounds and 24.5 inches in 2 months, and feels so much better. 

Now, we’ve got 5 friends who just started Speed Keto, and they’re also losing weight, inches, and lots of inflammation. So, you know, I’ll keep on sharing Speed Keto because we all know it works!

Did you try the Speed Keto Vegan or Vegetarian plans?

Colleen Sipple: No, I haven’t tried either of those plans yet. But, I may do one of them eventually! We do have a vegan daughter, and she is considering it. 

Do you plan to continue Speed Keto? Or do you plan to pick it up again in the near future?

Colleen Sipple: Yes! I’ve been doing Speed Keto for 7 months now, and I just love how I feel on the plan. The intermittent fasting has helped me out so much, too. I’ve lost a total of 7 pant sizes, going from a 16/18 to a size 2. My dress size went from an 18 to a size 2. 

I plan to continue the Speed Keto lifestyle because I feel great, at 66 years old, and so does my husband, at 71. I want to be mobile, and I want to ward off those diseases caused by inflammation. We feel better than we did 30 years ago. My husband is retired now, and he’s enjoying gardening, remodeling, woodworking, and bicycling! We both enjoy chasing our grandson around. 

Speed Keto has really been a true blessing to us all!

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