Cheerleader Coach Certification – Become A Competitive Cheerleader In 2022

by Jerald Dyson
cheerleader coach certification

Cheerleader coach certification: Being a cheerleader coach is both rewarding and fun. These professionals can easily make a six-figure income by leading and inspiring cheerleaders in conditioning and training. If you are tired of your meaningless 9-5 job, perhaps starting a career as a competitive cheerleader is the best option for you.

Read on to learn everything about cheerleader coaching. Furthermore, below, we have also compiled a list of some of the best cheerleader coach certifications that you can get to start your career as a cheerleader coach.

What Is A Cheerleader Coach?

cheerleader coach certification

A cheerleader coach is a professional who inspires and leads cheerleaders in conditioning and training, performing physical aerobatics, and creating routines. These professionals also train cheerleaders on how to execute certain stunts and cheers effectively to ensure the safety of spectators and cheerleaders at events.

Cheerleader coaches know all the crucial rules and regulations of the athletic department. These professionals provide instructions and supervision in accordance with the specific policies set by a valid athletic department.  

What Does A Cheerleader Coach Do?

Cheerleader coaches usually work in community gymnasiums, recreational centers, universities, high schools and middle schools. Besides these institutions, some cheerleader coaches also work with private organizations to train professional sports teams. 

Regardless of the institution, an ideal cheer coach demonstrates ethical and positive behavior for young student-athletes, promotes injury prevention and safety, applies knowledge and skills of different coaching techniques and builds lasting relationships. 

In comparison to high school cheerleader coaches, a coach who works with professional teams will spend more energy and time developing effective and safe routines. These professionals will teach cheerleaders some dangerous stunts and advance moves that will lead to a certain victory.

Essential Traits Of A Cheer Coach

If you seek a career as a cheerleader coach, you should know the essential traits and skills of a cheer coach. A cheerleader coach requires some special skills to succeed. For instance, these professionals must have a fit and healthy body as they will be involved in rigorous athletic training and complex stunts.

A thorough and complete understanding of various cheerleader techniques and tools is probably the most important skill for a cheerleader coach. As you will advise young athletes, a little bad advice can lead to some severe health issues.

cheerleader coach certification

Besides knowledge, a cheerleader coach requires the following skills to thrive:

  • Attention to Details
  • High Levels of Energy
  • Patience
  • Physical Fitness
  • Coordination
  • Organizational Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Prioritizing Safety

How To Become A Cheerleader Coach?

If you want to quit your 9-5 job, becoming a cheerleader coach is a perfect idea for you. This career does not require hard work; all you have to do is have some ambition and passion for the cheerleading industry.

Here Is A Complete Step-By-Step Guide About How To Become A Cheerleader Coach:

Complete Ged Or High School Diploma

Cheerleader coaching is not an unregulated business. For most cheerleader coach jobs, all you need is to earn a GED or high school diploma. A high school diploma or GED confirms that you are at least 18 years old and have a baseline education.

If you seek a career as a cheerleader coach for high school, middle school or elementary school, you don’t need to pursue further education. 

Earn An Advanced Degree

This step is conditional, but we suggest obtaining an advanced degree for universities and competitive cheerleader coaching. Once you complete your GED or high school diploma, you can enroll in a university or accredited college to earn an advanced degree according to your niche.

Most cheerleader coaches out there go for a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree. Many specialize in sport and fitness administration or physical education. No matter what degree you choose, make sure it offers essential information about fitness, health and cheerleading.

Obtain A Cheerleader Coach Certification

cheerleader coach certification

Getting a cheerleader coach certification is always beneficial in the cheer coaching business. A certification represents that you know what you are doing. As a result, you get more opportunities and respect as a cheerleader coach.

It’s worth taking into note that there are numerous institutes available out there that offer a variety of certifications with different price tags and specifications. Therefore, to become the best cheerleader coach, you must do your research and select a certification according to your budget and needs.

Keep reading to learn some of the best cheerleader coach certifications available out there.

Start Your Career As A Cheerleader Coach

Once you get your cheerleader coach certification, it’s time to earn some bucks. As a cheerleader coach, you’ll need to partner with an organization. To earn as a cheerleader, you need to find a job opening.

You can apply for cheerleader coach jobs at athletic organizations, universities, colleges, schools and professional cheerleading teams. If you get rejected from one institute, you should not give up and apply to another institute.

Once you get experience in your field, you will be able to find a cheerleader job without any worries. Furthermore, it would be best if you join coaching communities and connect with other cheerleader coaches who can help you get a good coaching job in this industry.

4 Best Cheerleader Coach Certifications In 2022

In this part of the article, we will learn about some of the best cheerleader coach certifications that can help you in your journey. Here are our top 4 cheerleader coach certifications for 2022:

Certified Pharmacy Technician – Cpht

PTCB – Pharmacy Technician Certification Board – offers this training program that will help you work more effectively with other pharmacists to offer effective patient care, safety and service. You can get this certification by taking the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

The Certified Pharmacy Technician is an excellent position for head coaches, cheerleader coaches, head basketball coaches as well as gymnasium coaches. This certification is accredited by the NCCA – the National Commission for Certifying Agency. Furthermore, it does not require any advanced degree of work experience.

Certification Details

cheerleader coach certification
  • No prerequisites
  • Renewal required after 2 years

Certified Personal Trainer

The Cooper Institution offers the “Personal Trainer” certification that is perfect for assistant coaches, cheerleader coaches, head coaches, and assistant head coaches. The purpose of this certification is to offer the application of skills and knowledge as well as the assurance of mastery.

The certified personal trainer certification provides all the necessary information about “personal trainer” through a rigorous, valid, reliable, and defensible process. This certification does not require any work experience or advanced degree. However, you’ll need to renew your certification after every three years.

Certification Details

  • No prerequisites
  • Renewal required after 3 years

Master Certified Coach

The International Coaching Federation or ICF is considered one of the best coaching organizations available out there. This institute offers several cheerleader coach certifications from associate level to master level. 

The ICF accredited master cheerleader coach certification offers all the necessary details about coaching. It is a perfect pick for the assistant cheerleader coach as well as the head coach. It’s worth taking into note that this certification program is quite intensive. It requires an advanced degree, more than two years of experience and a written or oral exam.

Certification Details

  • Require prerequisites
  • Renewal required after 3 years

Aed, Cpr, First Aid Instructor

cheerleader coach certification

Last but not least, we have AED, CPR, and First Aid Instructor certification. As a cheerleader coach, you have to guarantee the safety of both cheerleaders as well as spectators. Therefore, you must know the importance of first aid along with CPR and AED.

This certification is offered by the National Safety Council. It comes with all the essential requirements set by the OSHA organization. This certification does require an advanced degree after high school. However, you don’t need any experience or a written or oral exam to get this certification.

Certification Details

  • Require two years’ worth of education after high school
  • No renewal required

Salary Of A Cheerleader Coach

If you seek a career as a cheerleader coach, it’s rational to ask how much can you make as a cheerleader coach? Well, your annual income as a cheerleader coach depends on different factors, including:

  • Geographical location
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Accreditation
  • Organization 

On average, an experienced cheerleader coach can earn up to $31,660 per year. Furthermore, you might not be able to make that kind of money as a cheerleader coach for elementary school or even high school. If your goal is to earn the maximum amount in this field, you should work with professional teams or private organizations.

In Conclusion

cheerleader coach certification

Due to the popularity of this field, a cheerleader coach certification is a must-have for you. This certification allows you to learn different coaching techniques and tools. Plus, most certifications give you the knowledge of first aid and CPR, which are priceless skills a person can possess.

When it comes to cheerleader coach certifications, our best pick is a certified pharmacy technician. This certification is affordable and comprehensive. It offers all the necessary knowledge that you need to provide a safe environment at cheerleading events.

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