Collagen Nightcaps: Two Recipes For A Late-Night Sweet

by Jerald Dyson

Or, if you’d rather stick to unflavored collagen, reviewer Sara A. mixes mbg’s unflavored collagen powder with an ultimate gut-loving ingredient: apple cider vinegar. “I add one tablespoon to my hot apple cider vinegar in the evening, also whisked in with some honey,” she writes. Simply heat up some water, add in a bit of ACV (anywhere from a tablespoon to a shot glass full), toss in one scoop of the unflavored mbg beauty & gut collagen+, and mix in some honey. Easy as can be! 

What’s more, our collagen mix contains the amino acid L-glutamine. Supplementing with this protein building block has tons of benefits for the body, and it shines bright when it comes to gut health. That’s because glutamine is known to provide fuel for the gut lining (epithelium) cells while also playing a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of our gut lining, which is why digestive health indicators like gut permeability are affected by this amino acid.*

So whether you’re looking for a healthy hot chocolate dupe or a boost of gut-loving goodness before you tuck into bed, we’ve got you covered.


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