Cope Certified Health Coach

by Jerald Dyson
cope certified health coach

Cope Certified Health Coach: Cope is a peer service provider training program for people who have lived experiences with mental health and drug use difficulties who want to learn how to help others. Graduates get certificates from both ICS and the County of Marin and help find internships or job placements in the behavioral health area. The Mental Health Services Act provides funding for Cope enrollment (MHSA).

Mental Health America has recently certified the Cope Program, and Cope graduates can now take a test to become nationally recognized as peer specialists.

Cope Courses

Cope is a 9-month program that consists of three months of peer counseling and six months of peer specialist training.

Peer Counseling

Through group discussions and role acting, this dynamic training provides the basic communication skills required for working with behavioral health clients.

cope certified health coach

Active listening, facilitation, and empowerment are key principles.

Peer Specialist

Teach students the concepts, diagnoses, and treatments they’ll need to succeed as peer providers.

Cope Certified Health Coach: Develops Skills In The Areas Of Mental Health And Substance Abuse.

About ICS 

Integrated community services, which have come up with the coping program, works with over 300 persons with disabilities on their journey to self-sufficiency, from establishing a profession to securing housing and learning essential life skills to becoming involved in their community.

They empower people with disabilities to make their own decisions, integrate into their communities, and live independently by providing one-on-one coaching at work, in their homes, and around Marin.

They have approximately 80 employees, including Job Coaches, Living Skills Trainers, and Employment Counselors, who work with their clients and their families, local companies, and other organizations to create a dynamic community where individuals with disabilities are active and equal members.

ICS is unique in that they work with people of all ages and abilities. Mental health illnesses, developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities, substance abuse issues, and physical, visual, cognitive, and hearing impairments. Every year, ICS helps approximately 300 people around Marin County.

Responsibilities As A Cope Certified Health Coach

cope certified health coach


 Cope health coaches collaborate with the individuals they serve and their community to achieve their purpose as equal partners.


They regard the people they serve as entire, independent individuals who have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit.


They think that fully integrating and visible members of the community leads to a more diversified and affluent community for all of them.

Cope Certified Health Coach Jobs

Behavioral Health Employment Specialist

Assist people with mental health and other complicated co-occurring issues (homelessness, substance abuse, criminal justice participation) in Marin County in finding competitive and integrated occupations.

This is part-time, flexible work that requires a minimum of 10 hours per week. Depending on experience, pay ranges from $20 to $24.

Benefits For Part-Time Employees

  • Cell phone reimbursement of $25 per month, plus expenditures and gas mileage reimbursement
  • Sick days and bereavement leave are both paid.
  • Paid vacation days based on regular work hours
  • Every year, you get one extra day of PTO.
cope certified health coach

Responsibilities In The Community

In The Community

  • Develop new partnerships with local companies and strengthen current relationships with local businesses that ICS already has.
  • Promote ICS’s activities and advocate for the organization’s vision and objectives.

With Customers

  • Perform intakes, needs assessments, and job placement recommendations.
  • Assist with resume writing, interview preparation, and job search tactics demonstration and teaching.
  • Work with the client to discover a job that is a good fit for them.
  • Conduct vocational workshops regularly to assist with skills, job retention, employment exploration, job search, and career/education aspirations.

Cope Certified Health Coach: What Cope Prefers In A Candidate


Values diversity and is eager to collaborate with persons who have impairments.


Works well in a fast-paced atmosphere and is adaptable in work schedule and responsibilities.


A proactive communicator who promptly returns phone calls and emails.


Accepts responsibility for their actions and is receptive to constructive criticism.


Keeps track of tasks, appointments, and the calendar.

cope certified health coach


Addresses all situations with curiosity, openness, and enthusiasm.

Cope Certified Health Coach: Desired Skills Required

  • Reaching out to potential employers (cold calling/networking) with ease
  • Working with a wide spectrum of clients who face severe challenges (criminal record, complex disabilities and co-occurring disorders)
  • Flexible job search techniques/tools based on the client’s strengths and talents; innovative and out-of-the-box thinking in terms of career prospects; job carving
  • Strong writing skills and the ability to write resumes in various formats!
  • Microsoft Word, Zoom, and Google Workspace are examples of computer skills.


Prior experience in employment development or a similar industry is a plus.

Must have good verbal and writing communication skills and be resourceful, adaptive, and able to work under pressure.

Willingness to be flexible in work schedule assignments, as well as the ability to manage one’s own calendar and appointments.

A valid California driver’s license and proof of insurance are necessary, as well as a background check.

If they believe you are a strong candidate for the role, they will schedule a phone interview after you apply. Following that, they do an in-person interview with key employees and managers. The second round of the interview is completing some activities related to various areas of the job. They will contact you as soon as possible after this stage, regardless of choice.

Director Of Development

Is Someone:

  • A disability advocate who wants to see the world become more egalitarian and inclusive.
cope certified health coach
  • A person who gets their energy from social gatherings. Getting to know people and hearing about their interests.
  • Someone who can pick up the slack in broad strokes, big-picture painter and detail-driven logistics planner.

This is a full-time position with an annual salary of $90,000-$100,000. In the M-F 7 am-6 pm timeframe, your schedule will be reasonably flexible, with roughly 20 hours per month spent at evening and weekend events. This position will be a hybrid of remote and in-person work after our office reopens, with meetings and events hosted throughout the Bay Area.


  • Cell phone reimbursement of $25 per month, plus expenditures and gas mileage reimbursement
  • Sick days and bereavement leave are both paid.
  • Paid vacation days based on regular work hours
  • Every year, you get one extra day of PTO.


Cope Certified Health Coach: While this job has many of the same tasks as a Director of Development (donor engagement, fund development, and events), it is also very adaptable. The Executive Director and Director of Strategy make up the tiny development team at the cope and ICS. This requires a high level of flexibility but also a very supportive team with open channels of communication. You’ll be helping build out the team as part of your responsibilities, so if something in this job description isn’t quite your cup of tea, you can talk about it with cope and ICS. 

A multi-phase interview procedure is part of this employment. Their Operations Manager will do a phone interview with you first. After that, you’ll meet with the Director of Strategy for a follow-up conversation. A meeting with the Executive Director, Director of Strategy, a program director, and an ICS client is the next step. After that, you’ll get the opportunity to meet the full directing team. After that, with their Executive Director, discuss your interest in the position and prepare for the last round of the interview process. Finally, you’ll have a meeting with the Executive Director, Director of Strategy, and a few board members to go over some typical employment scenarios.

cope certified health coach

Qualifications Required

  • Event planning, fund development, community involvement, and nonprofit development experience are necessary.
  • Capable of putting on in-person meetings and events throughout the Bay Area (once things reopen)
  • Strong computer abilities, as well as knowledge of Gmail and MS Office, are necessary. Experience with Salesforce is preferred.
  • A valid California driver’s license and proof of insurance are necessary, as well as a background check.

Cope Certified Health Coach: Mental Health Services By Cope

Skills For Living

Good daily habits and routines can have a favorable impact on a person’s health, mood, relationships, and overall happiness. You can visit their Living Skills 

website to learn more about these services.

Vocational Assistance

Their professionals work with customers one-on-one to help them figure out how to get back on their feet. They also offer Moving Forward, a 16-week curriculum that enables people to discover their skills, talents, and values.

Planning For Education

They collaborate with Student Accessibility Services, offered at any community or state university, for school or vocational training. They assist students in deciding on a professional path, applying to colleges, and receiving assistance.

cope certified health coach

Employment Development

They also assist those looking for work with all areas of job preparation and job coaching. The Employment Services page has a thorough explanation of these 


Volunteer Development

Another strategy to create a resume, explore career interests, and develop employment references is to volunteer. ICS and cope can help you find volunteer opportunities and apply for them. Volunteers can also benefit from our work coaching services.

Record Expungement

Cope certified health coach: Having a criminal record can make it difficult to find work. The expungement process might be difficult, but ICS can assist individuals with filing expungement petitions and keeping track of their progress.

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