Diamonds Have A Secret Spiritual Meaning (Especially For Those Born In April)

by Jerald Dyson

There’s a reason diamonds are such a common symbol of commitment: “As the hardest natural substance on earth, diamonds are extraordinarily durable,” Van Doren explains to mbg. And given their sturdiness, they’re also very safe to cleanse with any of the traditional cleansing methods, she adds.

You can check out our guide to cleansing and charging crystals for inspiration on how to clean your gems. However, you’ll want to use extra care when cleaning antique diamond jewelry, as it might have chips.

It’s also worth mentioning that when purchasing a diamond from a retailer, it’s important to look for ethical and sustainably sourced options. Diamonds may be associated with engagements and the month of April, but they’re also notorious for being mined in war zones (aka “blood” or “conflict diamonds”). Learn how to identify sustainably and ethically sourced jewels here.

Van Doren is a big fan of wearing diamond jewelry to incorporate its energies into daily life, and adds that when you are shopping for a diamond, you should follow your heart and intuition. “If a piece of diamond jewelry grabs hold of your heart and imagination, then that diamond holds innate magic for you, regardless of how highly it ranks on the ‘4Cs’ value scale. Listen to your intuition,” she says.


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