Did Corey From Pawn Stars Have Weight Loss Surgery

by Penny Alba


Back then, the surgery was too expensive for my bank account, so I had to pay with four credit cards, but it was something I had to do “ I was not going to get diabetes! After going through with the gastric band procedure, Harrison, 31, dropped 50 lbs.

Did Corey from too large lose weight?

Corey was committed to his diet. He then lost enough pounds “ 107 to be exact “ to qualify for weight loss surgery, which was helped by the TLC star focusing on eating healthy food rather than exercise. After the surgery, he had dropped 264 pounds and has since lost more than 300 lbs.

How much weight did the guy from Pawn Stars lose?

Through lap-band surgery and a diet and exercise program, Corey managed to lose almost 200 pounds.

Why is Corey no longer on Pawn Stars?

He kept getting tied into other business engagements and filming, leading him to put the business promotions on the back burner. Although the businesses in Pawn Plaza have experienced mixed degrees of success, they are able to cash in on some of the tourists who come to see the famous pawn shop.

Is Corey part owner of Pawn Stars?

Richard Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison (born April 27, 1983) is an American businessman and reality television personality, known as a cast member of the History TV series Pawn Stars, which documents his work at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, which he co-owns with his father, Rick Harrison.

Are Corey and Chumlee related?

As Corey’s devoted childhood friend, Austin Chumlee Russell is just like a son to Rick and he’s been around the shop since he was a kid.

How much does Corey from Too Large weigh now?

Though the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted his weight loss surgery date, it wound up happening. With his hard work and successful surgery behind him, Corey weighed in at about 400 pounds. He dropped a whopping 264 pounds. “Being able to walk across campus, take the stairs, and not have my mobility dictate what I do .

How did Corey on Too Large become homeless?

His weight escalated in high school after he came out as gay and was rejected by his mom because of her religion. Eventually, Corey moved out of his mother’s house because of her lack of tolerance for his sexuality but became homeless because he had nowhere else to go.

What is Corey charged with?

Giles Corey ( c. August 1611 “ September 19, 1692) was an English-born American farmer who was accused of witchcraft along with his wife Martha Corey during the Salem witch trials.
Giles Corey
Criminal charge Witchcraft (rehabilitated)
Criminal penalty None (died unconvicted)
Criminal status Innocent (case not tried)
7 more rows

Does Corey from Pawn Stars have a medical condition?

Corey’s weight loss came after a life-changing doctor’s appointment. Corey told Good Morning America in 2014 that he decided to get weight loss surgery three years prior after learning he was pre-diabetic.


40 years (8 September 1982)
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