Does Lumen Work For Weight Loss

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The Lumen device analyses the carbon dioxide levels in your breath to determine if your body is using fat or carbohydrates for energy. It will provide you a food plan that is more concentrated in fat and less in carbs if you are primarily using carbohydrates for energy in order to assist you switch to burning more fat. If you’re currently primarily burning fat, the opposite will apply. Lumen will begin to provide you with “Flex Scores” after two weeks of use, which will indicate how flexible your metabolic is.

Weight loss and lumineers

My initial intention for using the Lumen was to lose weight, but as I continued to use it, my focus shifted to marathon training. I made the decision to prioritise nourishing my body over losing weight.

I’m delighted to report that I kept my weight steady while using the Lumen, thus it was effective in keeping me on target. It was encouraging to observe that I maintained weight instead of gaining during my marathon cycles.

Will the Lumen gadget aid with weight loss?

Sure, if you start paying attention to it. When used properly, the Lumen gadget may help you reach your weight loss objectives.

It comes down to accountability and consistency, like with most exercise aids. The device will motivate you to eat in a way that enables your body to draw energy from those hard-to-reach fat stores and will suggest healthier meals that are lower in carbs and fat. The decision to follow through on the device’s advice, however, is your own.

When you initially receive your device & download the app, it prompts you to select your intended use for the device so that it can ascertain your objectives.

How does Lumen function?

Although I must admit that it took me some time to understand Lumen’s final goal, the game’s basic notion is actually quite simple.

You are urged to use the Lumen device each day to measure your metabolism. You can do it anytime you like, although there are reminders via iOS alerts at the beginning and end of the day. The Lumen app recommends measuring your metabolism through exercise, eating, and fasting.

The Lumen device is held to your mouth as you exhale, hold your air, and then breathe in to perform the measurement. The tool calculates how much CO2 you’re inhaling. You burn carbs when the CO2 level is elevated, and you burn fat when the CO2 level is low.

Does it aid in shedding pounds?

The Lumen Metabolism Tracker might be helpful for people who are concerned about their health and want suggestions on how to eat better and move more.

The Lumen device with app have been a terrific investment for me over the past five years as a fitness trainer in assisting my clients in understanding how their body burns carbohydrates and fats in order to maintain health.

Continue reading to learn more about this health tool, how it operates, and whether or not you really need it before purchasing it for fat burning. Today, I’d like to give an in-depth Lumen review.

Who Is It For and What Is Lumen?

A health and wellness firm, Metaflow LTD, created the Lumen gadget, an electronic metabolism tracker, to assess primarily carb and fat levels by simply utilising your breath and determine if your body is using fat or carbohydrates for energy.

The metabolic assessment it offers can assist you in modifying your lifestyle, tailoring your nutrition, and optimising your exercise routine in accordance with your body’s actual needs. This will help you reach your goals more quickly.

It was created by Israeli twin girls and Ironman triathletes Michal & Merav Mor, and it can be useful for everyone who exercises frequently and wants to learn more about how their body functions, not just elite athletes and trainers.

How Should I Utilize Lumen?

If you adhere to these guidelines, Lumen can be used correctly. To make it simpler to understand, I’ve streamlined this procedure and removed all but the most crucial details from the instructions.

Step 1: Set-Up

The first step is to download the Lumen app on your smartphone, sign up for an account, and connect your device to the app via Bluetooth. (You can log all your data through the app, review the stats, and make adjustments later if you want.)

Then you answer a few questions about your lifestyle, physiology, health goals, etc. such as your activity level, body composition, sleep pattern, and other similar factors to consider for fat burn and weight loss.

Step 2: Regular Usage

Although getting an exact reading from the Lumen gadget might be challenging, it is generally simple to operate. You will receive instructions for how to accurately measure you CO2 levels through the app.

You must then take the device out of your mouth, hold your breathe for 10 seconds (a timer will show on the screen), and then slowly and gradually let out air via the device till the circle on the screen vanishes. To avoid getting erroneous findings, be careful not to blow out too vigorously.


Indeed, the Lumen metabolic tracker aids in healthy weight reduction by directing you towards improved fat usage, enhancing your strongly encourages, and maintaining your motivation to follow a healthy eating plan.

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