Don’t Have Time To Take A Calming Bath? This Is The Next Best Thing

by Jerald Dyson

For those days when you’re high on stress but low on bubbles, calm+ is one thing that can help. A combination of USDA- and EU-certified organic hemp oil, ashwagandha, and lavender oil, it’s a convenient supplement that eases anxiousness and promotes calm.* 

For a quick peek into how each of these ingredients works to quickly squash stress, let’s start with ashwagandha: an adaptogen that has a long history of being used to decrease cortisol levels and activate steadying GABA receptors in the brain.* Then you have lavender: a plant with a luxurious scent and an ability to balance the central nervous system to boot.* Finally, nonpsychoactive organic hemp oil boosts the body’s resilience against the stressors of everyday life.*

Basically, it bottles up the relaxed, chill sensation you have when you walk out of the tub, and people are loving how it makes them feel. Here’s what wellness experts and everyday people alike have to say about their experience with calm+:


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