The Healing Power of Hooves: Dr. Letitia Wright’s Journey into Cow Hugging Therapy for Stress Relief

by Brooke Young

"Find peace in unconventional paths tailored to your preferences."

Dr. Letitia Wright is the Executive Producer and Host of Wright Place TV which has run on cable for over 22 years. A Former Chiropractor, Dr. Wright transitioned into the Media World.

Wright Place TV is in its 23rd season with a bandwidth spanning over 6.5 million homes throughout Southern California and beyond.

In addition to her media work, she is a Top 100 Crowdfunding Expert in the United States, focusing on putting funding and money into the hands of women and minority owned businesses.

Name: Dr. Letitia Wright
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Before we begin, please share the “cliff-notes version” of who Dr. Letitia Wright is.

Dr. Letitia Wright: I began my journey as a Chiropractic Physician who later transitioned into a TV Host and then the CEO of Wright Place Studios.

In my professional journey, I’ve had to embrace the power of the pivot—starting from experience and using my strengths and skills each time I transitioned.

Yet, as I transitioned careers and experienced setbacks, I did struggle with times of stress, which is what led me to explore unconventional methods of self-soothing and stress relief such as Cow-Hugging Therapy.

What inspired you to explore Cow Hugging Therapy as a form of stress relief? When you first learned of the practice, what went through your mind?

Dr. Letitia Wright: I absolutely love animals. My Mom allowed me to have many different kids growing up, so when I was initially presented with the concept of Cow Therapy, it didn’t seem too far off or far out for me. When I was younger, I had a horse, and as an exchange student in my teenage years, I lived on a working farm.

That gave me an advantage going into Cow Therapy- I already knew what the smell would be like! I knew cows here are intuitive like dogs and cats.

When I saw that cows were getting a second chance at life, helping to heal humans, I was incredibly excited by the idea. At the time, my stress felt insurmountable and so huge, so a big animal like a cow taking it away felt natural.

Describe a typical experience, from your eyes, of Cow Hugging.

Dr. Letitia Wright: Cow-hugging is very much a create-your-own-adventure type of thing. There is nothing typical about the entire experience. It’s truly about sharing love with a rescue cow and somehow, they are sharing it back.

You can pet them, hug them. You can sit down or lay down or just stand if you wish. The true benefit comes from contact with a warm-blooded animal whose heart is beating just for you and getting lost in the sensation of their skin. You can truly just relax in those moments.

Do you feel the sensory aspects of Cow-Hugging, such as feeling soft fur or ears, contribute to the stress reduction aspects?

Dr. Letitia Wright: For me, yes! It’s a unique, tactile feeling that you don’t get very much elsewhere.

What is among the most memorable experiences you have undergone during this practice? Share a few moments with us.

Dr. Letitia Wright: The first time I really just sat in the grass, rubbing the cow’s leg and she laid down next to me, laying her head in my lap was so special. I felt such a trust and a complete release of worries, anxiety, and stress. I didn’t have to talk, perform or be anything: I could just be there.

You are well-known for your Career Pivoting Prowess. From a Chiropractic Physician to TV Host to Top 100 Crowdfunding Expert. As you navigated the complex emotions that often come with these sorts of personal and professional pivots and transitions, how did animals play a role in that?

Dr. Letitia Wright: Whether we realize it or not, most of us are professional pivots in some sense of the word! Beyond my professional life, even in my home life, we frequently pivot.
I had two dogs and my friend needed to rehome her dog, Jack, because she was moving to Iceland.

Knowing I wanted to help my friend, I took him in and helped him, as she was concerned about him being put down. I have two dogs, and Jack is still with us today. He’s been a great asset and support in releasing stress and just having something non-judgmental to share my energy and feelings with.

I have owned all kinds of animals including a horse, an award-winning hamster, an alligator, mice, cats, and dogs. Each pet is different and regardless of what I am struggling with personally or professionally, I find the non-judgmental space an animal provides to be an amazing source of wellness.

What advice would you give to individuals interested in exploring unconventional stress relief methods like Cow Hugging Therapy?

Dr. Letitia Wright: In the case of cow-hugging therapy, it is outdoors and can be dirty at times. If you are considering non-conventional methods for emotional wellness or stress release, consider your likes, dislikes, and preferences.

If you don’t like dirt, cows, farts, or being outdoors, this wellness option might not be well-suited for you. But if you want to try something different and get some fresh air, you will find it relaxing.

It’s easy to feel as though wellness always has to be serious- but nontraditional forms of wellness can provide amazing benefits if you open your heart to the idea of releasing stress in a unique or fun way.

If a cow does not sound perfect for you, consider untraditional therapy with another animal that feels aligned and get started releasing your stress in a way that feels best for you.

Brooke Young, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank Dr. Letitia Wright for taking the time to do this interview and share her knowledge and experience with our readers.

If you would like to get in touch with Dr. Letitia Wright or her company, you can do it through her – Linkedin Page

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