Everything You Need To Know About A Christian Free Life Coach

by Jerald Dyson
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According to research conducted by Harward Business Review, free life coaches make billions of dollars every year. Many professionals are migrating to the coaching industry to push their careers in the right direction. There are several life coaches’ niches available out there, such as personal coaching, professional coaching, health coaching, spiritual coaching, and more.

As many Christians now realize the power of spiritual and personal coaching, the Christian life coach programs have become more and more popular these days. The most popular institute that offers Christian life coach certification programs is ICF – the Independent Coach Federation.

What Is A Christian Free Life Coach?

In general, a life coach is a professional who helps his/her client to achieve some specific goals. These goals can be attained by targeting a person’s unique skills and goals and helping them achieve their full potential. However, in Christian life coaching, professionals help clients repurpose and refocus their efforts to line up with biblical teaching. 

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A Christian life coach is your spiritual guide that eliminates all the negative beliefs that might be holding you back from your purpose. Christian coaches allow you to see yourself as God does, helping you identify and address any mental blocks or limiting beliefs that might hold you back from achieving your goals.

Why Should You Hire A Christian Life Coach?

Free life coach: A Christian life coach connects the coaching industry with the Christian belief system. This professional encourages individuals to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit before making any decisions. There are several reasons why you should hire a Christian life coach. You need these coaches to:

  • Grow in career
  • Keep up with the fast-paced world
  • Overcome stress
  • Make your life simpler
  • Achieve financial stability
  • Grow spiritually
  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Set better goals
  • Make better decisions
  • Deal with uncertainty effectively
  • Get inspired while making changes in life

Free Life Coach: Christian Life Coach VS Spiritual Life Coach

Other than basic beliefs, a Christian life coach is quite different from a spiritual life coach. For instance, a spiritual life coach refers to the abstract and broader ways of the spiritual world. These coaches work with individuals who have some spiritual beliefs. They help you live your life according to spiritual principles, regardless of your religious divides, such as Pagans, Muslims, Scientologists, Buddhists, and more,

In contrast, a Christian life coach only works with Christians. A Christian is an individual who believes in the God who created Bible and has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Because Christians believe Jesus is the life, trust, and way to access God, Christians only seek Christian life coaches and not other spiritual life coaches.

Certified Christian Life Coaches

Even though it is not necessary to take a Christian life coach certification program to practice as a life coach, it is recommended you attain a valid certification. There are hundreds of organizations available out there that can make you a certified Christian life coach in no time. 

One of the most popular life coaching organizations is ICF – the International Coaching Federation. ICF accredited school is a gold standard life coaching institute that regulates the largest part of the coaching industry. As this organization is recognized in more than 140 countries, its certification will surely gain you gratitude all around the world.

8 Things To Know Before Hiring A Certifed Christian Life Coach

If you have some spiritual requirements and what to hire a certified Christian life coach, it’s essential to do your homework. Following are the 8 most important things to consider before partnering with a Christian life coach:

Christian Life Coaching Is “Too Spiritual”

Most individuals think that Christian life coaching is “too spiritual.” Another misunderstanding is that this type of coaching is solely focused on memorizing and quoting scriptures and prayer. Even though Christian coaches rely on biblical applications and the gifts given by God, they take a practical and professional approach.

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A good quality Christian life coach understands the breadth and depth of life coaching experience. They don’t make this process “too spiritual” and try to grow you as a human being. Remember that prayer and bible study are a little part of Christian life coaching, but that is not the full scope. 

Christian Life Coaching Is Too Expensive

free life coach:Indeed, Christian life coaching is not that inexpensive. According to a report issued by Harvard business review, an experienced Christian life coach can charge up to $3000 per hour. Obviously, this one is not a fixed price, and most coaches charge much less, generally between $80 to $400 per session.

If you want to hire a Christian life coach, don’t look for how much they cost but how much they yield. Consider coaching an investment that has an excellent rate of interest. Plus, the best thing about this type of investment is that you are investing in yourself.

Christan Life Coach Is Not Your Parent

It’s important you know that a life coach is not your parent, friend, sibling, or coworker. This professional cannot tell you what to do. A coach only provides unbiased advice and helps you attain your full potential. Remember that coaching is not about allowing other to do your work or giving instructions; it’s about focusing on individuals to make significant changes to become more successful in their endeavors.

Christian Life Coaching Is For Christians

Unlike other spiritual life coaches, a Christian life coach helps only Christians. As the main focus of these professionals is bible studies and the Christian lifestyle, they consider Christians as their ideal clients. A Christian life coach helps Christians to achieve and live a better life based on Bible.

Christian Life Coaches Have Boundaries

Free life coach: As discussed earlier, a life coach is not your friend of a loved one. You cannot just bounce ideas with life coaches. These professionals have some boundaries and a code of ethics. Christian life coaches are not judgemental; they know how to treat individuals with respect. These coaches provide a cordial environment that helps in transforming and changing your lives to achieve certain goals.

Christian Life Coaching Is Time Consuming

Most people avoid life coaches because they are already too busy in their lives. It’s true that Christian life coaching is quite time-consuming. It can take weeks and even months to achieve certain spiritual goals, but remember that life coaching is not like counseling. This field is quite rewarding; only a couple of sessions per month can change your whole life.

Plus, if you have a busy lifestyle, several online Christian life coaches offer their services that can save both your time and money. Life coaching is a medium-term process, so spending one hour per week is not that much, especially when compared to the results of that session in your life.

Free Life Coach: Christian Life Coaching Is Not Limited

Another thing to remember while hiring Christian life coaches is that they are not just for problematic people. It is true that life coaching is beneficial for under-performer, but this field offers much more than that. A life coach can also help those individuals who are at the top of their game. 

For instance, several people who are already on the right track hire life coaches to help them continue their forward movement. If you have a strong spiritual belief, a Christian life coach can help you achieve your God-given goals and purposes, which is a criterion for living a satisfying life.

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Find A Christian Life Coach

Free life coach: Now that you know all about a Christian life coach, the real question is, “how to find a Christian life coach?”. Well, there are different ways to find a Christian life coach. Our favorite one is selecting a matching service. A life coach matching service allows you to find a coach that will suit your personality perfectly.

Other than matching services, you can also go through coaching directories available on the internet. The only downside to this approach is that it is quite time-consuming because millions of life coaches are available in these directories. 

If you want to connect with a Christian life coach face-to-face, you can search for life coaches in your area. To do that, you can either get a referral from your family or friends or search for “Christian life coach near me” on Yelp, Google, or other similar search engines.


Free life coach: Some Christians opt to partner with spiritual life coaches because they think Christian life coaches might not be enough to help them in their lives. This misconception is due to the misunderstanding of what and who a Christian life coach is. A Christian life coach is quite different from pastors; they don’t need theoretical degrees or have any other legal restrictions.

Unlike other spiritual life coaches, a Christian life coach works for only Christians and helps them live their successful lives based on a biblical perspective. These coaches can help their clients in the same fields as secular coaches. However, the extra advantage is that they coach from a biblical perspective and a Christian worldview.

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