Everything You Need To Know Before Choosing A Meal Delivery Service

by Jerald Dyson

Many meal delivery companies have caught on to the fact that consumers have widely varying dietary needs. Whether you’re following a certain diet due to preference or you need to avoid specific foods for allergy or health reasons, you want to make sure you’re utilizing a service that can accommodate.

Some delivery services offer blanket plans, like keto, Whole30, or the Mediterranean diet. Others give you more control over specific dietary swaps. For example, you may be able to pick a low-carb plan while also specifying that you don’t eat pork or tomatoes. 

On the other hand, some services are still pretty limited in what they offer. While they might make some basic dietary accommodations, like plant-based, there isn’t much control beyond that. You may be able to find meals that work for you, but this can limit variety pretty significantly. Dig into the menus to see what the service offers before committing to one.

Make sure to also check whether or not meals are made in allergen-free kitchens, if necessary. Some companies may have gluten-free or nut-free meals, but there might be a potential for cross-contamination. Others utilize allergen-free kitchens.


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