Exactly How Soccer Superstar Alex Morgan Stays Grounded During High-Stress Games

by Jerald Dyson

“I’ve been a lot better at getting organized with my grocery shopping, and knowing exactly what I need and what my family needs for that week. Admittedly, we get takeout a lot because I’m training, then I have a lot of meetings, and then like the time gets away from me.

“Overall, I’ve gotten better at understanding what my body really needs and also how to feed my family. Knowing that all my daughter’s nutrition needs are being met, as well as mine, is a great feeling. Orgain has really helped with that—they have different kinds of protein shakes for both adults and kids, which has been really nice for our family needs.

“But in general, it’s kind of been a lot of trial and error. As a soccer player, I used to be very habitual with what I ate—on game day and postgame and leading into the game. But now, what I have in my pantry is what I’m going to eat, and I try not to stress out about the small things. I think that mindset has really helped, as well, just not being overly prescriptive about my diet or what I need to eat.

“I’ve come to realize that stress is something that can really weigh on your body and your mind. Of course, I think it’s important to be mindful of diet, self-care, nutrition, and physical recovery. But if you just have a good general guideline, versus something too strict, overall you’re going to be happier and be healthier.”


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