For Taking The Edge Off Stress, This Is The Most Consistent Product I’ve Tried

by Jerald Dyson

I’m currently enrolled in the calm+ monthly subscription, so I know I’ll always have some on hand, though I don’t feel the need to take it every day. Instead, on days when I have a lot going on, I’ll typically take one softgel in the early afternoon. When I do, the supplement helps me approach challenges and obstacles from a more levelheaded place.* It helps quiet down my feelings of anxiousness and frustration, freeing me up to make good decisions and get through the day with a positive mood.*

I can imagine that it would be helpful for social gatherings, too, and would take some of the jitters away from meeting new people.* It is also a very helpful tool to have in airports and other busy, inherently stressful environments.*

I’ve even noticed that when I take calm+ later in the afternoon, it does help my sleep at night.* For me, I find it has an additive effect on sleep support, and together, the two definitely prepare the body to rest in my experience.*

Though I’ve only been taking the product for a few months, it’s been enough time to show me that it really works.* I’m happy to have found something that delivers a consistent sense of calm—no matter how chaotic life gets.*

As told to mindbodygreen editor Emma Loewe.


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