Gale Polson: Life and Weight Goals with The Right Diet Plan

by Christina Gvaliant


Gale Polson finally found the right diet plan for her after trying many other unsuccessful programs. She is willing to share how she maintains a healthy lifestyle with this program to achieve their weight loss goals.

What made you decide to try Speed Keto? (What or Who inspired you to try out Speed Keto?)

Gale Polson: For years I tried so many other plans in attempt to keep my weight under control. None of these plans ever worked long term, therefore causing me to continually battle the dieting yo-yo situation. One day my doctor recommended I do weight loss surgery. That was a true wake up call and I begged her to let me try on my own again for three months. 

Gale Polson: Life and Weight Goals with The Right Diet Plan

A friend recommended I do keto. So I researched it, found an app and began the keto journey. That journey was full of confusing and conflicting information for me. I almost gave up until one day I ran across a testimonial from a person who had successfully lost a great deal of weight on speed keto. Later I read another inspiring post from another successful individual. Success stories from real people were just the encouragement I needed to try Speed Keto. I had nothing to lose by trying and I’m so grateful that I did. It changed my life!

How did you feel on Speed Keto? Better, worse, the same? Did you notice any positive health benefits?

Gale Polson: I absolutely feel 100% better! I feel  amazing in many ways. Losing 100 pounds makes me happy but the health benefits are even more significant.  Prior to speed keto I had severe arthritis pain in my right knee and left ankle. I have a condition in the left ankle called OCD. There are four holes in the ankle bone. I wore a custom ankle brace and used a cane. At times I required a wheelchair when the pain was unbearable. I also had knee injections every few months. All that inflammation is now gone and I no longer use the brace, cane, or wheelchair. I no longer need knee Injections. I feel like a completely new person.

Gale Polson: Life and Weight Goals with The Right Diet Plan

What kind of meals did you enjoy the most while on Speed Keto? (Did your family also enjoy the meals? Kid friendly?)

Gale Polson: I’m a busy person so having quick breakfast options is a plus. The mini breakfast quiche are one of my favorites. I make them ahead and even freeze them . Mg husband and I heat them up and take them with us! For lunch we both enjoy the tuna salad! It’s very tasty and great for taking to work! My absolute favorite evening  meal is the spaghetti Bolognese. My husband enjoys it as well. The shrimp and asparagus bake is another favorite for us both. All of the sides are enjoyable as well. My husband eats all of them as well!

How do you feel that there are no “diet pills” or exogenous ketones as part of the plan and that Speed keto focuses on eating real, whole foods to lose weight?

Gale Polson: Prior to speed keto I wasted so much money on pills, bad tasting protein bars and shakes, shots, and even pills. I also purchased packaged diet food from a diet plan in which I couldn’t even understand the Ingredients.  It’s so wonderful to eat real food. I love going to the grocery store and choosing fresh ingredients for our meals. I’m relieved to no longer depend upon packaged food that was not healthy!

Did you follow a specific Speed Keto plan? Intermittent Fasting, Non-Fasting, Vegan or Vegetarian?

Gale Polson: I followed the intermittent fasting speed keto plan. I feel it is the best plan for my body. It allowed my body to heal from terrible inflammation. I had never fasted before so I was a bit nervous. However, I followed the suggestions and made it all the way through on my first try! I was so surprised at how wonderful I felt.

Gale Polson: Life and Weight Goals with The Right Diet Plan

Are you planning to continue or follow Speed Keto again in the near future? (Why or Why not?)

Gale Polson: Yes! I continue to do various forms of speed keto. I have several other speed keto plans that I use for my husband and I. I never want to experience the physical pain I had prior to speed keto. I never want to regain the weight. Speed keto for life!

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