Grant Cardone: On Becoming 10x Better

by Jed Morley
Grant Cardone: On Becoming 10x Better
“I recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to improve my health, focusing on both nutrition and regaining physical fitness.”

Grant Cardone isn’t just about preaching success; he builds it. His 10X movement empowers individuals to break barriers, but Cardone recognizes true achievement requires a healthy foundation.

This philosophy fuels 10X Health System, a groundbreaking venture reshaping wellness. The 10X Health System offers a revolutionary, all-encompassing approach. By blending science, nutrition, and technology, they craft personalized health plans for ultimate well-being, the cornerstone of a fulfilling life.

Their recent partnership with industry leader REVIV Global in IV therapy marks a significant step forward. This strategic partnership merges REVIV’s established safety and effectiveness with the rapid growth of 10X Health, pushing the boundaries of performance health even further.

Get ready to learn about Grant Cardone’s amazing 10X Health System! It’s changing how we take care of ourselves and sparking a significant movement. Additionally, we’ll explore how Grant Cardone, a prominent CEO, manages to prioritize his own well-being alongside his successful career.

Name: Grant Cardone

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What Initially Drew You To Focus On Health And Wellness?

Grant Cardone: My own health. By the time I reached 62, I began experiencing changes in my health. My sleep quality declined, my en- ergy levels dropped, and joint pain became a persistent issue. These weren’t just minor discomforts; they significantly impacted my daily life. Managing my businesses became increasingly challenging.

As a result, I recognized the need for a compre- hensive approach to improve my health, focusing on both nutrition and regaining physical fitness.

While I was always in good shape when I was younger, by that point, even a single push-up was difficult. That’s when I became intensely interested in finding a solution. I started looking for other options be- sides just taking pills.

I started going to the gym with a trainer, and around that time, I discovered the blood work and supplement approach from Gary Brecka and his team. That’s how 10X Health was born.

Grant Cardone

Many Successful People Struggle With Work-life Balance. How Can Someone Prioritize Health Alongside Their Professional Drive?

Grant Cardone: Focusing on my health, particularly getting enough sleep and taking the right supple- ments, has actually allowed me to be more productive at work. This, in turn, frees up more time for me to enjoy life outside of work.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Misconceptions You See People Having About Achieving Optimal Health?

Grant Cardone: Many people think they can ignore or neglect their health, but they don’t realize that eventually, there will be consequences. Someone in poor health would pay any price to regain optimal function. But health doesn’t work like that. The key is to be proactive and take care of yourself now.

You’re Always On The Go! What Are Your Top 3 Healthy Habits For StayIng Energized Through- Out A Busy Day?

Grant Cardone:

  1. I prioritize daily workouts no matter where I am – whether it’s the East Coast, West Coast, a hotel room, or even in the middle of the ocean, I make certain I move my body.
  2. I always have my 10X Supplements to counteract any poor food choices.
  3. I constantly investigate new ways and breakthroughs to enhance longevity and energy.
Grant Cardone

With So Much ConflictIng Information Available, How Can People Navigate What Healthy Habits Are Truly Essential?

Grant Cardone: It’s simple: Take a genetic test to discover what your body requires. Everyone’s unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Get your genetic test done, then tailor your diet and supplements to fit your specific needs.

In Your View, What Role Does Mindset Play In Overall Health And Well-being?

Jane Doe: Grant Cardone: Where your mind goes, your body follows. When you nourish your mind, it nourishes your body, and you naturally gravitate towards making the right choices.

What Sets 10x Health Apart From Other Personalized Wellness Companies?

Grant Cardone: We stand out because of our genetic tests, supple- ments, and personalized precision solutions designed specifically for YOU. At 10X Health System, we have the most advanced medical biology experts at the cutting edge of health maintenance.

“At 10X Health System, we have the most advanced medical biology experts at the cutting edge of health maintenance.”
Grant Cardone

What’s One Surprising Thing You Learned About Your Health Through 10x Health?

Grant Cardone: It turns out, a lot of what I thought was good or bad for me based on TV ads, doctors, and even lo- cal pharmacies wasn’t always accurate.

Preventative Health Is A Growing Trend. How Does 10x Health System Position Itself Within The Broader Healthcare Landscape?

Grant Cardone: We base our approach on specific genetic testing which allows us to craft a customized, individual solution for each person.

We avoid generic solutions, which are bound to fail for most people. Plus, we’re approved in 37 countries.

How Does 10x Health Address The Affordability And Accessibility Of Its Services, Especially Considering Some Of The Advanced Treatments Offered?

Grant Cardone: One of our top priorities is ensuring that our solutions are affordable for everyone.

While we offer a Very Expensive Super VIP ser- vice through the 10X Health System, 95% of our services are aimed at the everyday working public.

What’s The Most Interesting Or Unexpected Story You’ve Heard From A Client Who Transformed Their Health With 10x?

Grant Cardone: Superstar athletes and celebrities who had access to the best healthcare have become advocates for the 10X Health System, just like I did. I was so impressed with the solutions that I ended up buying the company.

Dana White’s success story stands out as well. He was relying on multiple prescription drugs for various health issues and was rapidly declining.

He was in pain and struggling. However, he put his trust in the 10X Health System, followed the protocol, shed excess weight, and managed to stop taking all of his medications.

“Once you start seeing results and feeling better, you’ll feel motivated to keep going.”

The Importance Of A Healthy Mind-Body Connection Is Well-Established. How Does 10x Health Address Mental And Emotional Well-Being Alongside Physical Health?

Grant Cardone: We provide bio-hacking alternatives and best practices that cost nothing to aid a person in achieving optimal health.

When you feel good and take pride in caring for your body and appearance, it leads to a significantly improved mental and emotional state. You regain self-esteem.

Critics Might Say Personalized Medicine Can Be Exclusionary. How Does 10x Health Ensure Its Services Are Accessible To A Diverse Range Of People With Varying Needs And Budgets?

Grant Cardone: The genetic test itself is a one-time cost of around $600. After that, you only purchase the supplements you need. Studies indicate that around 70% of supplements are not effectively absorbed by the body, resulting in waste.

I’ve had thousands of people tell me they quit using what they were on because it didn’t work. So, we narrow down each person’s protocol to include only what they actually need.

Staying Motivated With Healthy Habits Can Be Tough. What Keeps You Inspired To Prioritize Your Health?

Grant Cardone: Once you start seeing results and feeling better, you’ll feel motivated to keep going. Just give it 10 weeks, and you’ll be moti- vated for life.

What Are The Biggest Challenges You See Facing 10x Health In The Future, And How Do You Plan To Overcome Them?

Grant Cardone: Big pharma or the medical industry might try to limit consumer access to alternatives.

It seems sometimes they have a vested interest in keeping people sick and reliant on the medications they endorse.

Grant Cardone

Looking Ahead, What Are Your Long-term Goals For 10x Health? How Do You See It Impacting The Future Of Wellness?

Grant Cardone: My ideal future for 10X Health would be governments and health insurance companies making our genetic test mandatory, and every person in America being on 10X Health System Precision sup- plements.

We would reduce obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, reduce stress, and increase the quality of life. Ready to take charge of your health and feel your best?

Explore how 10X Health’s innovative programs can help you achieve optimal well-being. Visit or contact for more information.

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