Health Coach Institute Reviews

by Jerald Dyson

Health coach institute reviews: If you’ve been thinking about a career as a Health Coach, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of training programs out there, each with its own ideology and each promising to prepare you for career success.

In this article, you’ll read about reviews from Health Coach Institute, some good, some bad. The many complaints people have about it and the many things they like about it. So, let’s get started.

What Is The Health Coach Institute?

Health Coach Institute is an online health and life coaching certification program that provides students with coaching and business techniques as well as a variety of venues to connect, share, learn, and grow with the institute’s founders and peers.

Positive Health Coach Institute Reviews

health coach institute reviews

Review By Kathleen

“In May 2018, I finished the Become a Health Coach (BHC) program. This curriculum has unquestionably improved my life. I liked how extensive the program is and how intent they are on genuinely teaching you how to be an excellent coach, regardless of your expertise.

 These ideas can be applied to any type of coaching. They also go through how to be a good coach and what you’ll need to start and operate your own coaching business if you want to do so. This program introduced me to fantastic people, taught me a lot, and gave me the confidence to start my own coaching practice.”

Review By Jacqueline

“My assessment covers both “Health” and “Life” coaching. Are you thinking about pursuing a career as a health/life coach? If you’ve done a Google search, you’ve probably realized that there are a lot of training options. But, believe me when I say that not all programs are created equal, and it is critical that you select the one that is best for you. 

What could be more candid than the experience of someone who has successfully finished such a program?

Indeed, I recently graduated from the Health Coach Institute (HCI), which offers a cutting-edge, comprehensive, self-paced online program (Become a Health Coach or BHC) that takes 6 months to a year to complete. 

This program is CCE-accredited by the International Coaching Federation if that’s essential to you. This program aims to prepare you for success by teaching you about nutrition, habit modification, and personal growth (one of their mottos is “you can only take your customers as far as you’re ready to go yourself”). 

To put it another way, it’s a program that allows you to grow and alter your life while also transforming the lives of your clients. You’ll also get a ton of done-for-you materials as well as the expertise to start a profitable coaching business right now. 

Working with two practice clients as part of your BHC training also helps you prepare to launch your firm.

health coach institute reviews

I had a fantastic time with my BHC training and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The assistance provided by HCI’s co-founders and coaches is truly unparalleled! Weekly skills labs, twice-monthly office hours, and monthly success calls all assist to reinforce what you’ve learned, soothe any tension you might be experiencing, and develop your confidence while you watch expert coaching sessions.

Health coach institute reviews: Another source of inspiration and empowerment is the Facebook group that you’ll be invited to join, where genuine assistance is offered to and by any of the tribe members on any personal or professional issue. 

The group challenges that the coaches create are also really beneficial for getting you out of your comfort zone and practicing the various skills you’ll need to establish your coaching career.

In addition to the learning and benefits you will get from the Become a Health Coach program, HCI will provide you with a Life Coaching curriculum based on the same concepts at no additional cost. 

This implies you’ll be able to work with customers who seek assistance in areas other than health. You’ll also get weight-loss, heart-disease, and diabetes-related coaching materials.

Enough with the adoration for HCI programs! If you’re serious about Health/Life Coaching and looking for a program that can help you achieve your goals, look no further. 

Visit their website to see for yourself, and don’t miss out on an once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a well-rounded and successful Health/Life Coach who will contribute to HCI’s purpose of promoting human health and wellness. Take my word for it: you will not be disappointed.”

Review By Janeen

“I’ve participated in health and life coaching programs. These programs are of exceptional quality. I have such faith in this institution that I decided to enroll and am now enrolled in the Mastery program.”

Review By Tracey

“The Health Coaching Institute was just what I was looking for. It not only pushed my health to new heights, but it also provided me with everything I needed to launch my own health coaching business, assisting others in overcoming obstacles to obtaining optimal health. I would strongly advise anyone interested in becoming a health coach to enroll in Health Coach Institute.”

Review By Deana 

health coach institute reviews

“The process of becoming a Health and Life coach has been a lot of fun for me. HCI always seems to anticipate the next inquiry I’ll have. It’s a well-designed curriculum that not only teaches you how to become a coach but also allows you to participate in the program as a client, which was really beneficial, and they also assist with company start-up. 

While learning new ways to serve others, I have developed substantially as a person. I continued my education with their Mastery program, and I believe it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Health Coach Institute Reviews: Review By Mindi

“I found HCI to be precisely what I needed. They cover all the bases, provide you with success tactics and tools, and constantly support your personal development. 

This program prepares you for success in every aspect of your life, from nutrition to marketing and everything in between. I’m confident that I’ll be able to train and guide all of my future clients to live their best lives! This is the greatest certification for health coaching!”

Review By Sarah

Health coach institute reviews: “I am so grateful for the help I received not just during my health and life coaching classes, but even thereafter. Once you’ve qualified, the community can really help you stay motivated. I still believe I have the ability to ask questions and am always learning. 

Highly recommended for high-quality course knowledge that has changed my life and the lives of others I coach. I continue to have access to a community and Health coach institute coaches who share my vision and mission. We assist one another. It’s well worth the money!”

Review By Renee

“Health Coaching – I have to say, this “survey” is a little perplexing. What exactly is the goal? After completing the BHC and Mastery sections, I can say that I enjoy the talents available. 

The program’s rigor is also commendable. Regarding the business issues, I am also glad to have Bill Baren’s presence. My issues with HCI revolve around the dashboard’s challenges and my inability to locate certain items. It’s difficult to ask for something that isn’t there when you don’t realize you’re missing it until a classmate tells you.”

health coach institute reviews

Review By Eve

“The health and life coaching includes so much useful information, it’s written out in an easy-to-understand format that’s interactive and self-paced, it’s excellent to learn how to help others while still allowing for personal improvement, and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in my life.”

Review By Lori

“Resources are fantastic. The marketing/website as well as the business should be shown sooner rather than later.

Glitches and errors were unexpected and detracted from the overall quality.

It’s difficult to have a good flow with a week’s gap. Thus releasing sessions sooner than weekly would be beneficial for individuals that want to learn and execute as a business.”

Review By Karen

“In March of 2018, I began the BHC and BLC program. It’s mind-boggling to see how much my life and that of my family have altered. We’re all happier, healthier, and more balanced as a result of it. 

My husband and I have both lost weight while increasing our energy, patience, and enthusiasm for our wonderful lives. I’m very glad we came across HCI!!”

Review By Cynthia

“The BHC program was fantastic in every way. I’d wait for the weekly lesson to appear on my dashboard with bated breath, then dive right in until I was through. SO MUCH HAS BEEN GAINED! It’s been a game-changer for me. 

My relationships, as well as other aspects of my life, have improved as a result of my changes. The axiom “how you do one thing is how you do everything” holds a lot of weight. The changes we make to ourselves have a cool cascade effect that influences all aspects of our lives!”

Review By Mary

“I work for a huge insurance firm as an RN. In November, I completed the health coach certification program and found the training and structure to be quite enjoyable. 

health coach institute reviews

I haven’t finished the life coaching section since I work a 60-hour week, and my present company requires that I get a Case Management Certification, which I will do in April. At that time, I intend to finish the life coaching component and then begin the mastery program.

 I’ve found the skills I received in your program to be really useful in my current position, and I would strongly recommend it. A secondary benefit is that you make learning enjoyable!!! Thank you for everything you do, and keep up the good job!!!”

Health Coach Institute Reviews: Review By Gilbert

“Only the Health Coaching program is the subject of my evaluation. This was an excellent curriculum that laid the groundwork for starting a career as a health coach. 

Over the course of six months, you’ll learn about a variety of aspects of coaching, including how to administer a 90-day program to clients. Everything is taken care of for you, and you will graduate with a basic comprehension and coaching skill.

It is what you put into the program that determines how much you get out of it. The more experience you have coaching, the more confident you will feel. They provide students a framework to work with, but it’s up to them to put it into practice and perfect it.”

Review By Elaine

“While the Health Coaching portion of the program was excellent, I had hoped for a more in-depth Life Coaching program, as it is what I had requested. 

Again, both programs were excellent; I simply desired additional information on life coaching.”

Health Coach Institute Complaints

Anonymous Review

 “In my google search for a nutrition certification, Health Coach Institute came up first. I believed the program would be a good fit after watching the introduction videos.

 I quickly discovered I wasn’t going to learn anything about nutrition after starting the program, and when I asked the successful coach if we would learn more about that topic, she told me to just follow the script, and it would work. I don’t feel prepared to assist anyone who requires this type of assistance after completing the score. It’s a $6,000 program that’s not worth your time or money.”

Review By Claudette Barett

“I signed up in November 2018 and then became ill. I haven’t taken any of their classes. However, they are paid on a monthly basis. There was no phone call, no inquiry, and no concern!!! It’s all about the cash flow. My phone was continually ringing from this company before I signed on the dotted line. I foolishly fell for these techniques, and now I’m on the hook for $6000+ for a corporation that is more concerned with profits than with your learning experience.

Barrett, Claudette”

Health Coach Institute Reviews: Anonymous Review

health coach institute reviews

“DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS SCHOOL. This “six-month course is only an introduction.” Later on, they try to persuade you to buy the real program. I also don’t know anyone who has finished it in less than six months. BE WARNED!!! Before you sign anything, ask for a breakdown of what you will be charged for financing!!! 

Your course more than doubles, implying that you will be charged almost 50% interest! And, despite their assurances that they will work with you if you have financial issues, they do not!! They simply tack on further charges to your account.

I’ve requested a breakdown to indicate the finance fee, but they won’t provide it to you!

 Do you really want to study health and life coaching skills from that kind of institution? They utilize the sales pitch “say yes and invest in yourself,” and then when you’re almost finished with BHC, they aggressively push you to pay for a more in-depth course. 

Health coach institute reviews: They claim to want to empower you, but in reality, they are robbing you of your power by failing to provide you with all of the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about how to invest in yourself. Why would a school impose a fee of 50% plus interest? 

They told me the course would cost $3200 USD, but I had better act quickly because the price will almost certainly increase for the following course session.

They provide three payment alternatives but do not disclose the hefty financing price even once. 

They just give you the two totals for the entire payment or two payment options, followed by the monthly payment option. They don’t inform you it’s a 5-year loan with a 50% interest rate!! After financing costs, the course cost $6500 USD!!! 

Why is the price so high? There are better institutions out there that will not overcharge you and will be open, honest, and straightforward with you. Their letters and phone calls reassure you that you can pay off your account at any time and avoid future financing fees… THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Even if you pay it off ahead of schedule… Because the first two years of payments are only paying off the interest/financing cost!! 

You are still stuck paying THE FULL 50% + financing fee!! If you have a large sum of money that you can afford to lose, go ahead and do it. However, you should be aware that I wish I had read this message before enrolling. I requested an early payoff to avoid future finance fees, but they have yet to react or disclose the exact financing fee, which is unacceptable. I was told 6 months ago that I would save $737 in financing fees…

Now that I’m ready to pay it off in full, they tell me that the total cost of the course is just $130 more than it was six months ago and that I have another two years to pay… is that correct? That means that interest accounted for 92 percent of my $800 in payments? 

That would imply a significantly higher rate of interest. This means I paid nothing but interest for the first two years and a half. I still owe the original total of what they told me the course was 2 years later!! Is this a school that aims to empower students? I don’t believe so.”

Review By Charisse

health coach institute reviews

“It’s a waste of both time and money. Nutritional information is wrong. The program consists of listening to someone read slides from a presentation. The support team’s communication and efforts were inadequate. It takes an eternity to receive your diploma (if you are even lucky to get one). Don’t throw your money away. Do not squander your time.”

Health Coach Institute Pricing

The Health Coach Institute only provides online classes. This institution offers training in 13 different certifications, with Health Coach Certification, Health Coaching, and Health and Life Coach being the most popular. 

Depending on the qualification, the time it takes to finish this education course ranges from 1 hour to 18 months, with a median period of 7 months. The cost of attending HCI – Health Coach Institute varies by certification and ranges from $200 to $6,500, with a typical cost of $5,000. 


Health coach institute reviews: We hope this article helped you selecting if the health coach institute is good for you to become a certified health coach from. Different people have different opinions about the institute so don’t be too sad if the complaints changed your mind, the experience is different for everyone. 

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