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by Jerald Dyson
health coach los angeles

Health coach Los Angeles: Many people are turning to skilled specialists to assist them to achieve their health goals as their interest in health and wellbeing grows. Health coaches are a type of healthcare practitioner. If you’re interested in health, you might be wondering how to become a health coach.

Let’s start with a definition of what a health coach does. Health coaches are client/patient advocates who create long-term, collaborative relationships with people in order to assist them to improve their lives. These health professionals teach their clients how to make better-eating choices (such as what and what to eat), become more physically active, and enhance their health mentality.

But that’s not all. Health coaches can help clients with more than just fitness and nutrition; they also work with them on behavioral changes. 

They can assist customers with sleep, stress management, drinking and smoking, and any other health-related daily routines. Many people want to work as health coaches because they can help people improve their health, but there are particular health coach qualifications that must be satisfied before they can work in this developing field.

In this article, we’ll talk about those requirements, how someone does become a health coach, and the many available health coach jobs in Los Angeles, California. 

health coach los angeles

Health Coach Los Angeles: Health Coach Requirements

There is currently no state or national accrediting agency that regulates the practice of health coaching, which means there are no standardized education or licensure requirements to become a health coach. As a result, individual companies are generally responsible for establishing these criteria, which might vary greatly.

If all else is equal, there are a number of professionally recognized and highly regarded health coach certification programs available.

Steps To Become A Health Coach

The majority of today’s health coaches have completed the first two fundamental steps prior to or during their participation in a certification program:

Step 1: Get A Bachelor’s Degree

The majority of businesses prefer to hire Health coaches with at least a bachelor’s degree in a health sciences-related field. Although some businesses prefer or require those with formal healthcare education, a clinical degree in nursing or dietetics is not required.

Step 2: Demonstrate Previous Work Experience

Work experience allows you to develop as a professional by giving insight that you wouldn’t get from school. Most training programs demand at least 1-2 years of work experience in the subject of your choice, whether it’s public health, fitness, or another type of clinical practice.

Step 3: Become A Certified Health Coach.

Obtaining certification in health coaching demonstrates to potential employers that you have committed yourself to this role and are qualified to fulfill relevant activities as described in the job description. Before you may sit for your certification exam, most organizations that award Health coach certifications need you to achieve certain prerequisites. This could include a degree, a clinical background, or extensive job experience in the field of health and fitness. You can call yourself a Certified Health Coach if you meet all of the certification program’s requirements and pass the exam.

health coach los angeles

Step 4: Become A Certified Health Coach.

Obtaining certification in health coaching demonstrates to potential employers that you have committed yourself to this role and are qualified to fulfill relevant activities as described in the job description. Before you may sit for your certification exam, most organizations that award Health coach certifications need you to achieve certain prerequisites. This could include a degree, a clinical background, or extensive job experience in the field of health and fitness. You can call yourself a Certified Health Coach if you meet all of the certification program’s requirements and pass the exam.

As a general rule, the more education, experience, and qualifications you possess, the more likely you are to be recruited and earn greater compensation once you begin working. Experience in the healthcare or fitness areas, as well as a degree in any health-related subject and certification as a coach, will help you find a position and begin assisting individuals in improving their health.

To be clear, there is no one-size-fits-all credential, degree, or license that is required to perform health coaching. Most programs, however, need a degree, job experience, and a test.

Health Coach Los Angeles: Is A Clinical Background Important To Be A Health Coach?

Some health coaching certification programs demand a bachelor’s degree, while others do not. However, whether or not having a clinical background matters once you start looking for a career depends on the company and how they describe the role’s requirements. You must be a registered nurse or a registered dietitian to work as a health coach in some cases. 

Others, on the other hand, require a bachelor’s degree in a health-related discipline, as well as a health coach certification.

Without relying on an employer, you can still run your own health coaching business. If you’re a qualified personal trainer with no clinical experience, for example, you might explore adding health coaching to your fitness training services. In this instance, your earning potential is largely limited by your ability to find new clients and run your own private health coaching practice.

Health Coach Los Angeles: Jobs For Health Coaches

The healthcare industry provides the majority of job opportunities for health coaches. Positions with health insurance firms, health & wellness solution companies, physician groups/practices, and hospital occupational health departments are examples of this employment. Although compensated employment is available, most health coaches are hired on an hourly basis.

health coach los angeles

Those with an entrepreneurial flair, like some certified dietitians and personal trainers, can start their own consulting firm. This gives health coaches the freedom to work for themselves, attracting and managing their own clients.

Health Coach Los Angeles: Wellness for employees

Companies have been increasingly focused on employee wellbeing since the early 2000s. Companies are investing in healthier personnel in order to boost productivity and save healthcare costs. The rise in interest in corporate wellness explains why health coaching has become so popular in the workplace.

With the recent changes to our country’s healthcare system, commercial insurance companies are now more than ever pushing and financing health counseling and fitness instruction. 

This is a win-win situation for insurers, businesses, and employees. Because of the tremendous influence that continuing disease prevention and management has on individuals and society at large, everyone benefits from a focus on health and wellbeing.

Expanding Medicare and Medicaid programs, which cover one-on-one coaching services, are also creating job opportunities for health coaches. Health coaches benefit from the rising attention on health.

Example Of Health Coach Employers

Here is a brief list of some companies that employ health coaches:

Insurance Companies

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • UnitedHealth Group

Health & Wellness Solution Providers

  • ActiveHealth Management
  • American Specialty Health
  • EngagementHealth
  • Healthways
  • Health Dialog
  • Nurture Health
  • Provant Health
  • Quantum Health
  • WillCall
health coach

Digital Or Virtual Health

Health coach Los Angeles: In the healthcare market, companies that provide digital health management and therapies are breaking new ground. These types of forward-thinking businesses mix technology with evidence-based behavior change techniques to assist people in making long-term changes that can enhance their health. Patients can employ technology to help them manage a variety of health concerns, from asthma to weight reduction to quitting smoking.

Health coaches should expect job openings as a result of these new and innovative firms. Omada Health, situated in San Francisco, is an example of a company that employs health coaches.

Health Coach Salaries

Health coach Los Angeles: According to, the national average income for “health coaches” in 2020 will be roughly $48,300. However, a search for a “certified health coach” yields a national average compensation of slightly over $66,000. Although the higher salary may also need a clinical background or graduate-level education requirements, as well as more professional duties, this disparity emphasizes the importance of quality certification.

In actuality, qualified Health coaches are more likely to work on an hourly basis (rather than being salaried) and earn an average of $32 per hour. Private practice Health coaches, on the other hand, can charge up to $200 per hour or more, especially if you’re a qualified medical or allied health professional. Individuals with the approved ACE Health Coach credential earn $33 per hour, or about $52,000 per year, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Health Coach Jobs Los Angeles, California

Following is a list of some of the best available jobs for health coaches in Los Angeles, California.

Rounglass Health Coach, Telehealth

Health coach los Angeles: The Integrative Medicine Health Coach at RoundGlass will be crucial, not only in inpatient care but also in the education cycle of a potential patient’s interest to conversion.

health coach los angeles


  • Assist with new patient orientation, informing new members about their multi-faceted clinical care team and their unique relationship-centered approach to serving and supporting each person on their health and wellness life journey.
  • Assume responsibility for gathering baseline patient evaluation information.
  • Patients should be sent to either a Lead Physician or a Lead Care Navigator for an initial examination and discussion of their needs and goals.
  • Collaborate with clinical care team leaders to create a holistic health and wellness plan that is unique to each client.
  • Follow up on all patient questions as soon as possible.
  • Notes on all patient interactions on the chart


  • A minimum of five years of experience as a health coach is required.
  • Personal decisions, professional focus, and community-based efforts all indicate a demonstrated enthusiasm for wellbeing and healthy living.
  • Excellent listening skills, as well as a proactive communication discipline with patients and across care teams, are required.
  • In goal-setting and designing a tailored health and wellness path, foundational knowledge of the interwoven relevance of nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, breathing, social structure, family dynamics, and financial security is essential.
  • A mindset that is versatile and flexible
  • Willingness to learn and participate in a variety of care team practices and group learnings
  • Knowledge of electronic health records (EHRs) and medical jargon
  • G Suite (Google Docs, Sheets) and Microsoft Word and Excel skills are required.
  • A demonstrated ability to create content, such as writing, blogging, or publishing articles, is a plus.

Health Coach Los Angeles: Webmd’s Lifestyle Health Coach

WebMD’s Health Services division enables employers and health plans to provide personalized health and benefits information, decision support technology that assists them in making informed benefit, provider, and treatment decisions, and telephonic health coaching services to their employees and plan members.

health coach los angeles


  • Provide telephonic health coaching based on the health risk assessment and stage of change completed by participants.
  • To promote healthy living choices, long-term health outcomes, and quality of life, use participant-centered coaching approaches and/or theories.
  • Assess the regions of low, medium, and high modifiable risk.
  • Assist participants in achieving their long and short-term goals by providing a variety of health tips and tools.
  • Participate in group record keeping to ensure that there is continuity between various health coaching sessions.
  • Maintain required health credentials, including certification and continued education.
  • As assigned, do a variety of other job-related tasks.


  • A bachelor’s degree or comparable years of experience are required.
  • Within six months of starting work, the Lifestyle Health Coach must get (and maintain) a nationally recognized certification, such as CHES, ACSM, or equivalent, and/or maintain licensures, such as RD, RN, LPN, LMHC, LCSW, or NCC, if not already certified.
  • Strong telephonic contact building skills, as well as excellent writing and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to manage various tasks in a fast-paced setting, as well as outstanding time management skills
  • It is necessary to have strong technical skills and the capacity to traverse many screens at once.
  • A background check and drug test must be completed successfully.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a health-related field is preferred.
  • 1-4 years of experience in the field of health and wellness
  • Spanish-speaking candidates are invited to apply.


Health coach Los Angeles: Working as a health coach is an excellent method to assist people in making long-term changes to their health and wellness. Adding a health coaching certification to an existing clinical degree is a terrific approach to improve your counseling skills while also increasing your employment attractiveness. Certain health coaching certificates allow you to start your own practice in as little as a few months, even if you don’t have a degree. 

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