Health Coach Packages

by Jerald Dyson
health coach packages

Health coach packages: If you’ve been looking for a Health Coach, you’ve probably seen that prices vary greatly, which may be extremely frustrating for many individuals. You’re probably wondering why the prices for each health coach are so different. Why do some health coaches charge more than others?

 Is it true that you get what you pay for, or are some health coach packages simply more than others? This article will discuss how much a Health Coach will cost and what benefits you may expect from working with a Health Coach.

Health Coach Fees In General

health coach packages

A health coach’s fee is determined by the scope of your personal goals as well as the coach’s background, certifications, and approach. Prices for health coaching per hour can range from $30 to over $200 per hour nationwide, depending on factors including region and the coach’s degree and training. 

Because health coaching is a long-term partnership rather than a one-time service, most health coaches offer three-month, six-month, or monthly programs with cost reductions as you increase the size of your coaching package.

Health coach prices will be determined by the level of service and assistance you require. The cost of health coaching is determined by the level of personalization you desire, which is determined by what you want to do and how quickly you want to accomplish it. 

Health Coaches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some specializing in specific aspects of your health.

Health Coach Packages: Hiring A Health Coach

When looking for a health coach, look for someone who has expertise and training in the area you require. Look for someone who knows your sickness if you have a severe ailment and want to work with a health coach to build a systematic approach to stay positive throughout all of your medical procedures. 

Work with a health coach who has nutrition expertise if you wish to change your eating habits. Find a high-energy coach with excellent client ratings if you want someone to inspire you to reach your fitness objectives.

 Because the health coach industry is unregulated, meet for an in-person or video chat consultation to determine personality fit. Check out reviews from previous clients to ensure the health coach is someone who can assist you. 

Many health coaches will work with their clients to create a plan that matches their budget and objectives.

health coach packages

It’s essential to choose the perfect health coach if overcoming health and wellness concerns has always been a struggle for you. Take advantage of the free introductory consultation offered by most instructors. 

This allows you to meet face to face and determine whether they understand your objectives and can assist you in achieving them by creating a realistic strategy tailored to your needs. 

Look for a mutually respectful relationship in which you can discuss sensitive themes like emotional health and body image without fear of being judged. 

Examine the health coach’s qualifications to ensure that they have the necessary experience and education to fulfil your demands. Look for someone who achieves good results by reading evaluations from current and former clients.

 Finally, before you hire someone, make sure you’re ready to make the lifestyle modifications required to achieve your objectives.

Consider whether you’re ready to take on a responsibility and focus on working with someone for three to six months. Then and only then should you hire a health coach.

Health Coach Packages: Factors That Affect Health Coach Rates

Here are the factors that influence the national average health coach cost.

One Time Consultations

If you’re working with a new health coach for the first time, many provide a free initial meeting so you can meet them, learn about their method, discuss your goals, and get a sense of if they’re a good fit for you. 

Experienced health coaches take use of this opportunity to identify prospective clients who are also experts in their field. Find another health coach to work with if you don’t have a positive encounter with health coaching business during your free consultation.

 Changing your health and wellness habits can be difficult and uncomfortable, so working with a professional you trust is essential.

health coach packages

 Some health coaches also provide online coaching and first online consultations, which can be beneficial for executives who travel frequently and wish to begin and maintain their health coaching program while on the road.

Monthly Packages

Health coach packages: As we all know, reaching health and wellness goals involves a long-term commitment. We wouldn’t need a health coach in the first place if getting the outcomes we sought was as simple as meeting once. 

This is why most health coaches provide monthly packages to keep their clients on track and on schedule to achieve their goals. For healthy living health coaches packages include monthly pricing, a health coach package price for three months of health coaching, and a health coach package price for six months of health coaching. 

Buying packages or three-month programs are often more cost-effective than paying each month, and the greater the package, the lower the per-session cost. 

The customer receives discounts, the health coach receives repeat business, and both parties benefit from the prospect of a long-term working relationship.

Health coach firms like Hall Health, Marisol Ballaro Health Coaching, and Prairie Health Companion all provide monthly packages to their clients after a free initial session. Monthly prices for three-month programs are often higher than for six-month programs. Regular check-in appointments with the coach, either in person or by video call, are included in monthly subscriptions. For three months, the average package price is $125-$275 per month, and for six months, the average package price is $100-$225 per month. Here are some pricing and service examples for package deals.

  • Mary Battista, the owner of Prairie Health Companion, charges a flat cost of $1,500 for her six-month program. Two 60-minute sessions per month, online check-ins through emails, healthy recipes, goal-specific handouts, a visit to a natural food shop, and a two-hour cooking lesson are among the services offered.
  • If paid in full up ahead, Marisol Ballaro Health Coaching charges a fixed rate of $1,200 for her six-month program. This results in a monthly charge of $200, compared to $220 for those who pay as they go. By purchasing everything at once, package customers save a total of $120. A fortnightly check-in via Skype or in person, email correspondence, nutrition education sessions, and a pantry makeover are all included in the services.
  • Hall Health charges $120 per month (for a total of $720 over six months). Email support, inquiries, and encouragement are provided throughout the six-month program, as well as a weekly check-in, recipes, and grocery shopping assistance.

Hourly Private Health Coach Rates

health coach packages

If you have a basic notion of the goals you want to reach and are confident in your ability to attain them but merely need a structured plan to get there, paying someone to perform one-on-one coaching by the hour may be more cost-effective than teaming with a coach for three to six months. 

Hourly coaching services are appropriate for customers who have a clear vision but need a professional to help them establish a timetable with milestones they can achieve on their own over time. 

Prairie Health Companion’s Battista costs $110 for health counselling and $95 for personal training per hour. Jenny Berk of Jenny Eden Coaching charges $115 per hour, but she works with clients on a sliding basis based on their financial position. 

If private coaching proves to be too costly over time, inquire about your health coach’s online programs or group coaching sessions which will be better in terms of economical rather than an in-person private session.

Health Coach Packages: Personal Training Sessions

All of your health goals will be in vain if you don’t also improve your fitness level. Many health coaches offer both personal training and health coaching on an hourly basis if you need considerable motivation or just need some help completing your daily steps and stretching.

 If you have limited time or would benefit from your health coach being heavily involved in your exercise regimen, finding a two-in-one provider is a terrific option. 

If you want to combine your personal trainer and health coach, find someone with whom you feel comfortable and who will encourage you to do new things. Battista of Prairie Health Companion, for example, charges $95 per hour for personal training.

Background And Experience

Health coach packages: The background and experience of health coaches have an impact on their rates. Personal trainers who provide customized exercise or training plans, for example, charge less than health coaches who create a plan that involves personalized diet and nutrition recommendations, such as selecting what to eat and which to avoid, as well as diet plans, recipes, and directions for making efficient, healthy meals.

health coach packages

Organizations like the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York have provided specific training and certification to many health and wellness coaches. Others may be certified as athletic trainers or dietitians.

 Jenny Eden Coaching, for example, focuses on the psychology of eating and assists clients in losing weight and improving their health by changing their connection with food. 

Battista of Prairie Health Companion, for example, provides health coaching and personal training as well as individual culinary lessons for $60-$65 per hour for two-hour sessions. 

Sarah Williams, a licensed athletic trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, also provides 50-day ($249), 150-day ($399), and 1-year ($699) weight loss programs, as well as private nutritional advice, all of which she bundles into programs of varying lengths:

  • $499 for seven weeks
  • $799 for fourteen weeks
  • $999 for six months
  • $1,499 for a year

Health Coach Packages: Money-Saving Strategies And Methods

Improving your health and wellness may transform your life. If you hire a health coach, you should look for someone with whom you can work overtime to help you make big changes in your food, self-care, and exercise habits. As a result, the majority of health coaches provide packages that include a discount on hourly prices. Many coaches may give you a discount if you pay in advance. 

There are health coaches who give scholarships and cost discounts if you are experiencing financial trouble and are struggling to take charge of your health. Inquire about any available discounts and reductions from potential coaches.

Different Things Determine Different Health Coach Costs

health coach packages

A Health Coach will assist you in developing and maintaining healthy living habits that will improve your quality of life. Different aspects of the sections of your life you want to be improved will determine different health coach prices. Further explanation on what those aspects can be are as follows:

A Healthy Diet

Food and health are often in the media, and many people are confused about them. No one has the time to conduct thorough research. Thus no one truly understands what makes a healthy diet.

 A professional Health Coach, on the other hand, will assist you in comprehending what it means to lead a healthy life and will guide and coach you through the nutritional adjustments you desire.

Enough Sleep

A solid structure is required for your circadian rhythm to function properly. Every night, go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time, similarly, like how you can’t exercise your way out of a lousy diet. You can’t work your way out of a bad sleeping pattern any more than you can work your way out of a bad eating schedule. Health coaches will assist you in maintaining a regular and healthy sleeping pattern.

Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration can develop when your body loses as little as 1% of its water. Your cognitive performance will be harmed if you do not drink enough water. You’ll start forgetting things. You’ll feel sluggish and uninspired. 

Furthermore, not drinking enough water causes your joints to throb and become sore. Drinking plenty of water keeps you active, healthy and energized. 

Health coaches monitor your water intake to ensure you’re always well hydrated.

health coach packages


Health coach packages: Different factors and the aspects of your life you want help managing with are associated with health coach prices, fees and packages. 

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