Holistic Life Coaches – How To Become One

by Jerald Dyson

You have probably heard of holistic coaching but might not know much about it. The philosophy behind this field is that your holistic health is crucial for performance, development, and motivation. In addition, holistic coaching allows you to connect your mind with your body. Therefore, this type of life coaching plays a significant role in both your personal and professional life.

If you seek a career as a holistic coach, in this article, we will take a closer look at holistic coaching to understand what this field is really about and how you can become a holistic coach. Along the way, we will also explain the scope, certifications, and earning points of a holistic life coach.

Definition Of A Holistic Coach

A holistic life coach is a professional who is committed to helping individuals in every aspect of their life, including spirit, mind, and body. The main focus of these coaches is to connect these aspects, so people can live more mindfully and more intentionally. 

There are different types of holistic life coaches available out there. Some select a more general approach, while others specify in a single niche, including mind, body, and spirit.

What Is Holistic Health?

Holistic health is a comprehensive philosophy and field of study that deals with every aspect of life – including mind, body, spirit, emotional states, and more. Holistic health is a rational approach to life that considers multi-dimensional aspects of wellness. 

This approach encourages people to see the whole person: spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, mental, and physical.

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What Does A Holistic Life Coach Do?

A holistic life coach is an all-rounder. These professionals are skilled life coaches who influence every area of an individual’s life – mind, body, spirit, and emotions – concerning the whole. In addition, these professionals use a consolidative method in wellness to boost the general health of their ideal clients.

A Holistic Life Coach Helps Their Clients To:

  • Learn how to build positive relationships
  • Move beyond anxiety, worry, and fears
  • Experience inner peace and contentment
  • Identify and achieve a purpose in life
  • Build self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Identify roadblocks and obstacles to success

Who Needs A Holistic Life Coach?

Anyone can benefit through a holistic life coach. We all have or had stress, anxiety, or depression, health issues, emotional issues, financial issues, post-traumatic stress disorders, or a job that we don’t like. A holistic life coach is a solution to all these problems. 

Fame, money, and success do not mean anything if you don’t know what to do next. A holistic coach works as a guide. This professional provides a clear path that you can use to achieve your desired goals and full potential. In simplest words, anyone who feels unfulfillment in their life can hire a holistic life coach.

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How To Become A Certified Holistic Life Coach?

Just like other life coaching niches, holistic life coaching is an unregulated industry. This field does not have any legal restrictions. You don’t need an advanced degree or a certification program to start a career as a holistic life coach. 

However, we recommend taking a certification program to know what you have to do as a holistic life coach and how you’ll do it. Following is a step-by-step guide for you to become a successful holistic life coach.

Do Your Research

The first step of becoming a successful holistic life coach is that you do your homework. As no university or college offers degree programs for this field, it’s important you do your research and join a holistic life coach certification program. 

Several institutes offer different certification programs with different duration and costs, such as IIN, IAWP, Duke Integrative Medicine, IFPA, and the University of Delaware. The cost of a holistic life coach certification program can fall anywhere between $800 to $12,000. You can also search through Udemy and other platforms to get inexpensive courses.

Talk To Other Holistic Life Coaches

As you can see, holistic coach certification programs are not that inexpensive. Therefore, it’s crucial to not just depend on coaching programs’ websites to make your decision. Instead, it would be best for you if you talked with other coaches and got their opinion.

Certified holistic coaches can give you better advice because of their experience. If you don’t know any local coach, you can send Instagram DMs or emails to online life coaches on the internet. Not all, but most online holistic coaches would love to help you out.

Questions To Consider While Asking About Holistic Life Coach Certification Program:

  • Has it helped your career?
  • Can you coach other students in your programs for the future?
  • How much time did you spend on your course?
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Take The Certification Program

Once you make up your mind, it’s time to actually enroll in a certification program. Different certification programs have different prerequisites. If you don’t have an advanced degree or experience, you can still take several courses with no requirements. 

Remember that these courses are not that budget-friendly, so it’s best for you if you invest your time properly. Spend at least nine hours per week to study about your course. Join your coaching community to talk about your lectures or any questions or fears that came up.

Start Your Practice

Even before completing a holistic coach certification program, many institutes require their students to start practice. For instance, to become a certified life coach from IIN, you must do at least 5 coaching sessions. You can do these sessions with your colleagues or friends.

Start your coaching practice with people who are closer to you. It will provide a less stressful and safer environment that will help you improve your coaching skills. 

Create A Life Coach Business Plan

Once you complete your life coach certification, you must build your coaching business plan. In this business plan, it’s important you ask who is your ideal client. For instance, do you want to help people connect both mind and body, or do you just want entrepreneur moms to lose their weight?

Your holistic coach business plan will be your guide throughout your journey. It will help you in starting your business and then marketing it. Plus, you should add when and how you want to expand your business in your coaching business plan.

Start Making Money

It’s great if you want to help other people. However, to thrive as a holistic life coach, you must have a mindset of a businessman. Once you create your business plan, it’s time to earn money. Like all other businesses, you need an ideal client to make money as a holistic life coach.

To target your ideal clients, it’s time to improve your marketing and communication skills. Nowadays, digital marketing is one of the best ways to market yourself. There are several digital platforms available out there to target your ideal clients, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

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Expand Your Business

The last step to becoming a successful holistic life coach is to “expand your business.” When it comes to expanding your coaching business, you have several options. One of the best ways to expand your life coaching business is through a mailing list. Build a mailing list and start your newsletter to help thousands of people simultaneously.

Instead of hiring a service, you can build your mailing list through your coaching website. A coaching website is an inexpensive way to market yourself and grow your business. Several holistic coaching websites are available; pick one as an example and build your own website through a web development platform, such as WordPress.

How Much A Holistic Coach Makes?

If you want to become a holistic life coach, it’s rational to ask, how much a holistic life coach makes? Well, different coaches have different annual salaries. The salary of a life coach depends upon several factors, including:

  • Commitment
  • Number of Hours Worked
  • Level of Expertise
  • Education and Training
  • Geographical Location

As a holistic life coach, you can charge anywhere between $80 to $1000 per session. On average, the annual salary of a holistic life coach in North America is $57,900. Even though these are quite impressive numbers, you can still increase your income as a holistic life coach.

To increase your income, you can do the following things:

  • Offer VIP sessions
  • Write a Coaching Book
  • Create your coaching program
  • Host seminars and webinars
  • Provide workshops


Even though becoming a certified holistic life coach is quite expensive and requires hard work, it is still worth taking a life coach certification program. Through these programs, you gain people’s trust and get your first client easily. Plus, these courses polish your coaching skills and make you a better life coach.

To thrive as a life coach, it’s important you have some personal and professional skills. As a holistic life coach, people will tell you their darkest truth; you must respect their privacy and follow a code of ethics. Plus, if you want to become a successful holistic life coach, you must know how to communicate properly and market yourself.

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