Hoping To Age Gracefully? This Vitamin May Be The Key To Longevity

by Jerald Dyson

Make room, vitamin C—there’s one more essential vitamin that shares the title of potent antioxidant. Though many focus on vitamin D’s more siloed benefits (e.g., musculoskeletal integrity, immune function, skin health), longevity is one that shouldn’t be ignored.* 

Vitamin D sufficiency (i.e., achieving and maintaining healthy D levels in the body) promotes graceful aging by helping to regulate antioxidant activity, balance mitochondrial function, combat oxidative stress, and ultimately, protect that precious DNA.*

A 2019 Pharmacological Research meta-analysis found that vitamin D supplementation helps increase total antioxidant capacity and serum levels of master antioxidant glutathione, both of which are vastly beneficial for promoting oxidative balance (i.e., antioxidants beating out oxidants) throughout the body.* Vitamin D signaling pathways protect proteins, fatty acids, and DNA (more on that later) from oxidation by combating reactive oxygen species (ROS).* 

Unfortunately, our nation’s vitamin D status problem massively affects whether or not your body is able to fully utilize these antioxidant actions. Considering 41% of U.S. adults are insufficient in vitamin D and 29% deal with frank vitamin D deficiency, it’s obvious that being intentional about getting enough vitamin D on the daily plays a big part in your body’s antioxidant network and ability to fight free radicals.*


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