How Much Does A Life Coach Certification Cost?

by Jerald Dyson
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Life coach certification cost is the second-fastest-growing industry with total revenue of more than $2 billion per year. Because of this popularity, there are several institutes offering life coach certification programs. The thing about life coach certifications coast is that they are quite expensive. 

An accredited life coach certification can cost up to $6000, which is too much if you are on a tight budget. However, because hundreds of organizations are offering these certifications, it is easy to find a training program that won’t leave you broke. Keep reading if you want to learn about different life coach certifications and their costs.

What Is A Life Coach Certification?

A life coach certification is a document that identifies the credibility of your life coach certification program. This certification is not essential in the life coaching industry. However, getting a life coach certification is quite rewarding if you are about to start your own life coach business.

life coach certification cost

Accreditated Life Coach Certification

There are two types of life coach certifications available out there: accredited and non-accredited certification. Accreditation is the certification of your life coach certification. There are following three institutes that offer accreditation of a life coach certification program:

  • ICF – The International Coach Federation
  • AC – The Association of Coaching
  • EMCC – The European Mentoring and Coaching Center  

The Life Coach Certification Cost

There is a variety of life coach certifications available out there that require different hours of training, course load, and financial investment to satisfy the requirement of the International Coaching Federation. To give you a perspective, below, we have mentioned some of the popular life coach certification and their costs:


iPEC provides one of the most popular life coach certification programs. This organization has more than twenty in-person institutes located worldwide. In addition, it also offers virtual life coach certification programs. The cost of this program is up to $12,000, which includes marketing and business training, mentorship sessions, workbooks over 380 training hours, seminars, and more.

iNLP Center

iNLP offers a budget-friendly, self-paced ICF accredited life coach certification program. This program provides three life coach certifications and features more than 150 hours of training. The whole program is divided into two portions that can cost between $2,300 to $3,300. iNLP also offers different installment plans and a generous seven-day money-back guarantee.

Newfield Institute

Newfield Institute is an Australia-based coaching program that harnesses the power of conversation, language, and moods to support the coaching material. This institute offers several focus areas and program levels, with a duration of between three days to one month. The approximate cost of these programs is between $1,200 to $15,900 AUD.

Georgetown Univesity

Georgetown University offers both in-person and online life coaching programs. This whole life coach certification is based on eight different courses that take up to 8 months to complete. The tuition fee of this certification program is $14,000. Once you complete the program, you get the ACTP certification which is ICF accredited.

Fielding Graduate University

Fielding Graduate University offers an EBC program – the Evidence-Based Coaching Program. This training program is taught only on the University campus and is fully accredited by the International Coaching federation. The cost of this graduate degree is $750 per credit, in addition to a fee of $750 per term.

life coach certification cost

Columbia University

Life coach certification cost: Columbia University offers the Columbia Coaching Certification program. This on-campus program is built on top of a prerequisite based on different coaching courses. The program costs about $1,770 per credit. The best thing about this life coach certification program is that it provides marketing education and an optional business excellence certification.

University of Texas

The University of Texas also offers an in-person life coach certification program. This program covers both professional and personal coaching and has a big list of prerequisites as well. The University of Texas features three types of coaching degrees, including standard, master, and advanced degrees. On average, the per semester cost of this program lies between $7,800 and $19,200.

Rice university

The Doerr Institute puts on this in-person life coach certification program. The price range of this program is from $5,900 to $7500, depending on whether you want a standard degree or an advanced degree. The program offered by Rice university features 60 hours of training for ICF accreditation.

CAI – Coach Academy International

Life coach certification cost: The Coach Academy International features several life coach training programs, from entry-level to advanced mentorship and training. All the programs offered by CAI include 69 training hours with access to NLP – the Neuro-Lingual Programming techniques. The cost of these programs lies between $6000 to $7000, with different payment plans available.

CTI – Co-Active Training Institute

The CTI has both in-person and online life coaching certification programs. This institute offers entry-level programs as well as advanced programs offering professional coaching certifications. These ICF accredited training programs cost between $970 to $12,990. However, the advanced coaching program costs up to $16,600 and provides comprehensive, well-mentored, and supported learning opportunities.

Life Purpose Institute

Life coach certification cost: With a free consultation and ICF accreditation, Life Purpose Institute offers both in-person and online life coaching programs based on your availability and needs. The basic cost of this certification is about $2,500, while the program addons and advanced courses cost between $900 to $2,500, all of which are payable in pre-set payment installments or via a lump sum.

Institute Of Life Coaching Training

This online life coach certification program has an ACTP designation offered by the International Coaching Federation. The institute of life coaching training offers several programs, such as the 130-hour program, 80-hour program,- 60-hour program, and 30-hour program. The average cost of these programs lies between $4,000 to $8,000 based on the elective and individual courses you decide to enroll in.

life coach certification cost


Life coach certification cost: Students who select this program can select either in-person or online options, which provide ICF accreditation and training hours that amount towards certification. Several programs are available from entry-level to advanced, ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 for online programs and $4,500 to $10,000 for in-person programs.

CTA – Coach Training Alliance

With online materials and teleconference seminars, this virtual life coach certification program gives you access to different educational tools, private learning forums, and over 340 pages of resources. The minimum investment cost of this program is $3,400 that you can pay in a lump sum or different installments plans.

Advantages Of Life Coach Certification

As you can see, life coach certifications are not that inexpensive. On average, an ICF accredited life coach certification can cost up to $10,000. So, it’s essential to ask, what are the benefits of a life coach certification? Why do you need a life coach certification when it is not mandatory? 

To answer these questions, below, we have explained both personal and professional benefits of a life coach certification:

Personal Growth

The biggest advantage of becoming a certified life coach is that you invest in yourself. A good-quality life coach certification program plays an important role in your personal development. You get an amazing opportunity to motivate and change yourself, adopt healthy habits and better understand your passion.

Professional Growth

Life coach certification cost: There are several professional benefits of a life coach certification. Coaching certification is not just about training and education; these programs allow you to connect and join a coaching community. You get a chance to meet with other life coaches and learn from their experiences.

In addition, when a person looks for a life coach, they search some certain things, such as qualifications, charges, testimonials & positive feedback, experience, and philosophy. So, if you are new in the life coaching business, people won’t consider you an expert. However, if you are a certified life coach, it will be easy to gain their trust.

life coach certification cost

A life coach certification program also improves your coaching skills. These programs teach you several coaching methodologies, tools, and techniques that you can use while dealing with paying clients. Because in the life coach business, you’ll be dealing with all types of people, it would be best if you knew all about the coaching industry and improved your coaching skills.


Life coach certification cost: Many experienced life coaches recommend taking a life coach certification program before starting your career as a professional life coach. A life coach certification has several benefits for your personal and professional lives. There are hundreds of life coach certification programs available out there; some are basic and teach about just coaching, while others are more comprehensive and allow you to learn about life coach business and marketing as well.

Different life coach certification programs have different price tags. On average, a basic life coach certification can cost between $800 to $3,500. In comparison, an advanced and well-reputed life coach certification costs between $5,000 to $15,000.

When it comes to life coach certifications, we recommend getting accreditation for your certification. This consideration verifies your training program and sets a standard for your life coaching. Following three institutes offers accreditation all around the globe

  • ICF – the International Coaching Federation
  • AC – the Association of Coaching
  • EMCC – the European Mentoring and Coaching Center

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