How Pomegranate Extract Can Help Brighten Skin*

by Jerald Dyson

However, if you’re familiar with the power of polyphenols, you know how beneficial it is to ingest them, too: Pomegranate polyphenols, in particular, help produce a gut metabolite called urolithin A in the gut, which has been associated with healthy aging and mitochondrial health.* Pomegranate’s antioxidants can also increase skin’s resilience against UV rays, according to research; a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial in healthy women even found that taking pomegranate extract orally could help with common sun-induced pigmentation (i.e., photoprotection from the stress of UV rays on our skin).* So why not double down on pomegranate’s skin-brightening benefits? 

While there is no recommended dosage for pomegranate extract at this time (since it’s not an essential vitamin or mineral with a daily nutritional requirement), experts generally consider 100 milligrams or higher a clinically meaningful amount, given the latest research. This is precisely why mbg included 200 milligrams of 100% pomegranate whole fruit extract (with an impressive 60 percent polyphenols, mind you) in the cellular beauty+ supplement, along with phytoceramides to support a healthy skin barrier structure; astaxanthin to preserve a healthy collagen layer and promote skin hydration; and ubiquinol CoQ10 to promote skin cell “cleanup” (aka, getting rid of debris) and actively support cellular rejuvenation.* That way, you can get a concentrated dose of those powerhouse polyphenols, along with some multidimensional skincare at the cellular level—and hydrated, supple skin tends to appear more luminescent.* 


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