How Taking Collagen Supplements Can Lead To Softer Hair*

by Jerald Dyson

But mbg’s collagen powder also includes biotin, an essential B vitamin needed daily that is thought to support healthy hair because it is involved in the production of keratin, the main structural protein component of hair.*

While more robust research is needed on biotin and hair, one small study in women reported hair growth when supplementing with biotin (as part of a multi-ingredient supplement with other nutrients and bioactives like vitamin C, zinc, horsetail, and more) when compared to those given a placebo.*

In mbg’s unique multi-ingredient collagen blend, you’ll also find hyaluronic acid, which can help support your skin’s natural hydration; let’s not forget, your scalp is your skin, and oral forms of HA can help improve moisture levels of the skin.* 

So, yes, the research around collagen (plus some other key helper nutrients and actives) and hair is promising, but we also can’t ignore the power of anecdotal experiences. Many shoppers have noticed a significant improvement in their locks, like Sydney S., who shares that “[her] hair seems thicker and shinier”* after taking beauty & gut collagen+. Another mbg collagen fan, Penelope, specifically calls out a silkier texture: “I have also noticed my hair feeling softer (even my husband noticed), and my nails are stronger. I love this product!”* she writes. 


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