How To Become An Online Life Coach

by Jerald Dyson

Online Life Coach: The internet has changed the world by bringing the whole world together on one platform. As a result, people are connecting with each other more than ever that giving remarkable opportunities to businessmen – especially life coaches.

The whole life coach business depends upon the connection between life coaches and their clients. So, if you upgrade your normal life coaching business to online life coaching business, you can connect with thousands of people and earn a lot of money. 

What Is An Online Life Coach?

Well, in simpler words, an online life coach is a professional who inspires their ideal clients through the internet. An online life coach can approach their client via any online platform, such as emails, newsletters, youtube videos, social media, LinkedIn, blogs, and more. Being an online life coach has a lot of benefits. You get a virtual, flexible job and can help thousands of people reach their goals simultaneously.

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What Does An Online Life Coach Do?

An online life coach helps you get from point A to point B. life coaches listen to your problems and then create a plan to improve your life. Plus, these professionals can help you achieve some desired goals. For instance, you want to quit smoking, a life coach’s job is to help you achieve that certain goal.

5 Steps To Become An Online Life Coach

All this information sounds awesome in theory. But what does it take to start a career as an online life coach?

If you want to start a career as an online life coach, here is a complete step-by-step guide for you. 

Select A Niche

Before investing your money and time, you need to select a coaching niche. Some people choose a more general approach, while others select a specific niche. There are hundreds of life coaches available out there, each one focused on a different coaching category, such as:

  • Financial Coaching: in this niche, a professional help their clients achieve financial success by encouraging and monitoring their financial behavior.
  • Fitness Coaching: in this niche, a trainer or coach helps clients achieve fitness goals by providing goal motivation and constructive feedback.
  • Business Coaching: in this niche. A coach helps business owners by balancing their personal and business life and clarifying business goals.
  • Spiritual Coaching: in this niche, coaches help their clients to connect with a holistic, deeper approach to protect them from their limiting beliefs.
  • Career Coaching: in this niche, a coach helps individuals make rewarding decisions regarding their professional progress and career development.
  • Personal Coaching: in this niche, a coach helps individuals attain some specific goals regarding their personal development, such as relationships, health, wellness, and beyond.

Get A Legit Life Coach Certificate

Once you have selected a specific niche, the next step is to get a legit life coach certificate from a well-known organization. This step is not compulsory, and you can legally practice as a life coach without a certification. However, according to research conducted by the international coaching federation (ICF), more than 90% of life coaches have a life coach certification permitted by professional organizations.

There are several benefits of becoming a certified life coach. A life coach certification that meets the requirements of the international coaching federation can help you develop some useful skills, including:

online life coach
  • Accountability
  • Goal-Setting
  • Creativity
  • Problem-Solving
  • Decision-making
  • Coaching skills people skills
  • Progress management
  • Leashipship and Confidence
  • Communication ability
  • Active listening

To learn all these skills, you’ll need to complete a remarkable amount of hours of practice. Plus, it would be best if you had a mindset of a businessman because life coaching is a small-scale business on its own.


Finding a free life coach certification and training program is nearly impossible. On average, an ICF-approved life coach certification and training program can cost between $1000 to $5000.

Start Your Life Coaching Business

In the life coaching business, you don’t have products to sell. In fact, because you are selling your services, you become the “product.” Once you become a certified life coach, it’s time to start your own business. 

To start your business, you should do the following things to make sure your business thrives.

Calculate Business Costs

Because you are planning to meet your clients online, you don’t have upfront costs such as office costs, overhead costs, and more. However, to start a business online, you need to buy a personal computer, a webcam, a microphone, a digital platform. You can use skype, zoom, webinars, or live classes, which are more convenient and less expensive to use.

If you have a limited budget try to create a coaching program and consider getting coaching insurance that can come in handy if your clients sue you over inaccurate or bad advice.

Register Your Coaching Business

If you think you are comfortable with the costs, it’s time to select a name and register your life coach business. You can register your life coach business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC). A sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business, and you don’t even need to register it. In comparison, registration of other business entities is mandatory.

Grow Your Business

As an online coach, the main goal is to connect with thousands of clients. To do that, you need to grow your online presence and increase your credibility. To make sure you succeed as an online life coach, you need to take the following steps:

Show Testimonials

In digital businesses, positive feedback is one of the most important things to consider. In general, people trust other people. So if one client is satisfied by your work, they will give positive feedback about your business. The testimonials and positive feedbacks are the backbones of a coaching business. You can use these comments as user-generated content on your social media and website.

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Create Social Media Profiles

To grow as an online life coach, you must target your ideal clients on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and post regularly. LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional platforms where people are most likely to find you. Once you create a profile, you must strengthen your online presence to target more people.

Build A Website

A well-designed website gives you authority and can represent you as a professional in your field. The main focus of your website should be about what you do and who you are. One of the most popular life coach websites is Tony Robbins. Build your website according to your niche, promotional activities, and coach-building strategies to make it thrive.

Build Your Training Program

Once your online coaching business is up and running, you need to create your training program. With a life coach training program, you will transmit your experience and knowledge to other people.

As a life coach on the internet, all you need is to select a niche and start building your coaching course. Here are some simple steps to create your own life coach training program.

Establish Your Learning Objectives

First of all, come up with the learning goals you want to achieve at the end of your life coach training program. Then, create a new goal for each class/lesson so that you can help your clients more effectively.

Create Outlines

Plan the syllabus of your program and methodically assign each learning goal to class/lesson and take an exam and quiz at the end. Use storyboarding techniques to do this that create outlines in the best way possible.

Select A Payment Gateway

As an online life coach, you are going to offer your service worldwide. Therefore, you need to set up an international payment gateway to receive money from your clients. These gateways include Pagseguro. Paypal, Shopify, 2Checkout, and Stripe.

Start Your Practice 

Once you have done all the above steps correctly, you are now ready to get your ideal clients and make money. To do this, you need to invest in marketing to promote your business and target more clients. You can use SEO services and digital marketing to grow your online life coach business.

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An online life coach can connect with thousands of individuals and help them achieve some specific goals. But to do this, you need to follow some steps; these steps include selecting a niche, getting a life coach certification from ICF approved organization, and starting a business.

To start an online life coaching business, you need to calculate the business cost. On average, becoming a certified life coach can cost between $1000 to $5000. So if you are spending that kind of money, you need to get coaching insurance to reduce some risks. 

The life coaching business is quite rewarding. An online life coach can charge $50 to $1000 per session. Plus, you can also earn some extra money if you:

  • Coaching One-on-One VIP sessions
  • Create coaching Program
  • Host seminars and Webinars
  • Write Blogs
  • Start a Mentorship Program
  • Collaborate with Other Coaches
  • Conduct Workshops
  • Become a Motivational Speaker
  • Mix Business Coaching with Consulting Coaching
  • Start a Memebership Website

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