How To Find The Best Remote Health Coach Jobs: A Guide

by Jerald Dyson
remote health coach jobs

Remote health coach jobs: Do you work as a health coach? Are you looking for the best remote job opportunities? Here’s a complete guide that’ll cover all the basics to know about how to be a remote health coach and all the insights on their top salaries offered, and what qualifications and skills are needed. 

“Health is Wealth” is a well-known saying that we have heard since we were children. You can try to reach new heights in your career if you are healthy and fit. And after you’ve done that, you’ll have complete control over your riches. However, in order to achieve good health, we frequently want direction and counsel from specialists who specialize in cultivating the greatest healthy fitness habits.

It is essential that you seek their advice in order to fully comprehend the nutritional and physical exercise requirements of bodies. Health coaches are employed by a variety of health consulting firms and even corporations for their consumers and employees.

And they’re increasingly turning to remote workers to do the work. It’s no surprise that remote health coach professions are becoming more popular. Aside from that, there are a number of nutrition schools and institutes that provide health coaching and education to those who are interested.

remote health coach jobs

They also hire specialists to fill remote health coach positions. The abilities, roles and responsibilities, and qualifications of a remote health and wellness coach will be discussed in this article, as well as the websites that offer remote health coach positions.

Market Opportunities For Remote Health Coach Jobs

In the United States, there were 127,100 health coach positions available in 2019. The health coach industry grew at a greater rate than the national average, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. By 2029, 17,000 new health coaching jobs will have been created.

Efforts to improve health outcomes and lower healthcare costs by encouraging individuals to live healthier lifestyles are driving the growth. Remote health coach jobs in gyms, colleges, community centres, non-profit organizations, or private practice are now available. Virtual health coach jobs are one of the top 25 remote employment in the United States, according to the unsettled website.

Job Titles And Career Paths For Remote Health Coach Jobs

The following are the most popular industries for online health coaching jobs:

  • Religious, civic, philanthropic, and professional organizations, to name a few.
  • Services for ambulatory health care
  • Social aid
  • Government 
  • Hospital

If you’re looking for a job as a health coach, you have a few alternatives. If you want to work as a remote health coach, here are several options.

Private Health Coach

A frequent technique to start your profession is individual coaching with a single client. A job as a virtual health coach can be a full job or a side gig. You can also work as a health coach from home and have clients from all over the world.

Wellness Workshop Trainer

This is ideal for folks that interact with a large group. Online wellness classes and group coaching are offered by a number of health coach companies.

Wellness Health Coach

Doctors, wellness centres, and hospitals are taking a more holistic approach to health these days. You work alongside doctors and healthcare professionals in these remote health and wellness coach positions to encourage patients to embrace healthier lifestyles.

Student Health Coach

You can design a wellness program for school children or generate educational materials for businesses and groups.

Someone Who Creates Recipes At Restaurants

Many health coaches open restaurants or cafes where they serve healthy, nutritional food. You can either create your own recipes or provide private coaching instructions.

remote health coach jobs

Health Product Managers

You have a unique perspective on health as a remote health coach. You can assist in the development or creation of your healthcare product (food, body care, or lifestyle). These products can be sold on your website.

Health Blogger

While writing or blogging, you can share your experience or knowledge. Companies that provide virtual health coaches might be written about.

Qualifications Required For A Remote Health Coach Job

According to surveys, around 45.4 per cent of health coaches hold a bachelor’s degree. A post-graduate degree is held by 26.1 per cent of health coaches. A bachelor’s degree in subjects such as nutrition, counselling, fitness, psychology, sociology, speech and communication, nursing, or health care is required for remote health coach jobs. The following are the finest colleges for studying nutrition science:

  • College of Saint Benedict
  • North Carolina State University
  • University of California (Berkeley)
  • University of California (Davis)
  • Cornell University

The finest schools for psychology are:

  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University
  • Columbia University
  • Yale University
  • Stanford University

If you want to work as a health and wellness coach online, you should strive to gain experience in the following college departments:

  • Nutrition
  • Food Science
  • Kinesiology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physical Education and Recreation

Greatly Valued Skills In Remote Health Coach Jobs

A list of preferred skills for remote health coach jobs is as follows.

The Value Of Health

A health coach has a crucial role to know the concepts of diet, nutrition, exercise, psychology, and wellbeing on their own. After that, they must successfully blend all of the principles and offer the platter to their clients and pupils. Understanding and cherishing the worth of health for each and every human being, as well as its positive long-term repercussions, is one of the most important remote health work needs.


It is recommended that you speak with a variety of health care specialists, such as nutritionists, dietitians, gym instructors, and personal trainers, to learn about their health advice. You’ll have one of the most significant remote health coach work abilities if you can combine all of them into a single wellness plan.

Attentive Listening 

You may believe that being a health coach is necessary in order to provide continual assistance and advice. But have you ever considered how you can be successful in coaching and consulting until you first grasp your client’s problem?

remote health coach jobs

Even if you’re giving a health and wellness training or an online course, you need to be able to understand the attendees’ or students’ questions, doubts, and explanations. As a result, listening closely to your customers or students is a vital requirement for remote health coach jobs. You must be able to discern the client’s health concerns and needs in order to adjust your consulting and coaching strategies.


While providing general health and wellness principles and best practices is an important aspect of online health coaching professions, specific requirements must be properly addressed. Because no two people’s nutritional and workout requirements are the same, special consideration must be given while developing health and wellness consulting programs.

Come Up With Innovative Health Programs Or Guidelines

Eating habits and lifestyles of people are continually changing; some lead to better health, while others lead to negative consequences. A health coach must stay up with the most recent lifestyle changes impacting the human globe, as well as research food habits and the desire for exercise and workouts. Then they must come up with intelligent and inventive best health practices and guidelines for the greater good of society.

Continuous Learning

Diets, workouts, nutrition, and other health-related strategies and practices are always evolving. This is mostly owing to the numerous health and scientific organizations and companies’ research and breakthroughs. Nutritional qualities buried in fruits, flowers, seeds, grains, and other foods are studied.

Various body exercises, yoga, and other workouts are the subject of research. Even specialists research and examine ways to improve cooking techniques, with some concentrating on comprehending the underlying beauty and love that each person possesses. As a health coach, you must continually search the internet and read journals, publications, and health and wellness news to keep your knowledge up to date.


Enrolling on a well-known healthcare website for notifications and emails on the latest wellness studies and researches being undertaken throughout the world is a good idea.

Organization And Planning Skills

Because you will be working from home, it is critical that you plan and manage your daily schedule carefully. You must keep in mind that your clients will only be able to see you online via a video conference session, so they must trust and confide in you about their health-related issues.

You may lose valued and potential clients if you are not prepared with inquiries, tips, and recommendations. When hiring for remote health coach jobs, most health care enterprises, firms, or corporations demand efficient planning and organizing skills.

In a single day, you may have various meetings or timetables that must be adhered to, as well as several activities and tasks to do. One of the most important aspects of being a remote health coach is planning for each of them and allocating particular time to each of them.


Make a daily or weekly planner that includes all of your activities and responsibilities with their due dates. It must also incorporate your daily activities so that you are able to transition between your work and personal lives.

Tech Knowledge 

Working remotely necessitates a thorough understanding of how to install and use various internet programs and tools. You’ll have online health and wellness consultations, one-on-one online interactions with customers, and participate in online health training programs.

As a result, one of the most important remote health coach job qualifications is a fundamental grasp of the computer, operating system versions, and installed apps on your laptop or desktop. You should also make sure that your online video and audio conferencing tools and programs are current and up to date to guarantee that the online meetings go well.


To conduct a smooth consulting and coaching health and wellness session, good internet access, great audio quality, and sufficient video clarity are the essential criteria. Before starting online chats or programs, make sure you’ve tested and validated all of the above.

remote health coach jobs

Inspirational And Motivational Power

Despite the fact that many people in the present period are aware of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, many remain unaware. It is important for you to encourage and motivate people to be healthy and wellbeing conscious as a health coach. Physical and mental health are equally crucial and must be balanced in order to survive.

It extends your life span and improves your mental wellbeing. You must also have a positive attitude and provide a good example for others. One of the most important requirements for success in remote health coach employment is the ability to inspire and motivate others to believe in themselves and adopt a positive mindset.

Duties For A Health Coach

  • Provides necessary consultation and guidance for adopting a lifestyle that promotes good mental and physical health. 
  • Conducts online health care and wellness training programs for various corporations and other businesses to raise awareness of the importance of adhering to health standards and guidelines.
  • Organize and facilitate online freelance healthcare practice courses and sessions.
  • Create health and wellness plans for corporate and business personnel, as well as for specific people.
  • Coaches students and research analysts in schools and institutes that are associated to healthcare.
  • Prepare health-care brochures and guidelines for clients so they can refer to them quickly.
  • Responsible for guaranteeing society’s wellbeing by lowering high-risk factors for illness and promoting effective procedures and strategies for improved health.

Experience Required For Remote Health Coach Jobs

  • Understanding of healthcare-related topics such as healthy diet or nutrition, weight management, pre-natal or post-natal exercises, food and mental health, stress management techniques, curing chronic health conditions related to nutrition, and workouts.
  • Ability to communicate with clients in a precise and concise manner, either orally or in writing.
  • Positivity is needed to increase a society’s health and wellbeing.
  • Ability to persuade clients to follow and implement suggestions and recommendations for bettering their health and way of life.
  • Capabilities for persuasion in customer disputes and problem-solving through positive thinking.

Remote Health Coach Certifications

If you want to work as a freelance health coach, you should receive a health coach certification. Companies that recruit health coaches prefer applicants who have completed a health coach certification program. These credentials offer you the necessary training to work with clients. The following are some of the certifications to consider:

Online Health Coach Bundle Of Nasm

The Sports National Academy offers qualifications that can be used to instruct clients in person or to work as a wellness coach online. The Online Health Coach Bundle of NASM comprises two certifications: 

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Certified Health Coach. NASM Certified Personal Trainer will help you establish an effective and efficient training regimen.
  • The NASM Nutrition Certificate will teach you about nutrition, diet, and behavior change strategies that will help your clients eat a healthier diet.

ACE Health Coach Certification 

You must be 18 years old or older to apply for the American Council on Exercise Health Coach Certification. CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillator) certifications are required. You’ll need a government-issued photo ID. To take the exam, you must meet a number of conditions.

Functional Health Coach ADAPT Certification

 There are eligibility requirements for the ADAPT Certification. A professional license, certification, or an associate’s degree or higher in any healthcare or wellness-related discipline, as well as at least two years of full-time experience, are some of the requirements.


Remotely working as a health coach is both flexible and relaxing, hope this guide covered all of your inquiries for finding remote health coach jobs. 

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