How to Keep the Weight Off with Speed Keto®! | Interview with Speed Keto Veteran Jennifer Voll

by Christina Gvaliant
How to Keep the Weight Off with Speed Keto®! | Interview with Speed Keto Veteran Jennifer Voll

Today we interview Jennifer Voll on the merits of the Speed Keto diet. Voll discovered Speed Keto after having tried several other diets in the past, including the standard Keto diet. Now, after losing over 110lbs on Speed Keto, she’s an avid believer! More on her story below!

How and when did you discover the Speed Keto diet? (How does it compare to all the other diets you’ve tried in the past?)

Jennifer Voll: I’ve tried many diets throughout my adult life… I’ve tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, Weight Watchers again, NutriSystem, Weight Watchers again, and, finally, even the regular Keto diet. Every single one of them ended in complete failure.

I never saw any real results with any of those diets, and when I did see results, it didn’t stay for very long (no matter how small.) Plus, I was always hungry and, frankly, just plain miserable while on those diets. I felt like I was being deprived; I was constantly craving for stuff and constantly frustrated over the lack of results. It wasn’t the best experience, clearly.

I tried Speed Keto for the first time in late-2018, and it… just worked! With Speed Keto, I was always full, actually losing weight, and keeping weight off. So, suffice to say, I was beyond ecstatic, and I haven’t seen any reason to switch diets since!

So, you’ve tried both the standard Keto Diet and the Speed Keto diet? (What’s the difference? Were there any?)

Jennifer Voll: Well, even on regular Keto, I was unable to make any real progress with my weight loss goals. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing; especially with macros calculation. Calculating macros for Keto was such a pain, and so so frustrating.

I found Speed Keto because of that, actually. I just didn’t understand the regular keto diet at all and was getting absolutely nowhere. So, I looked elsewhere, and found the Speed Keto program! And thank god I did!

The main difference is that Speed Keto directly, and plainly, told me what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, etc. No messy macros calculation or tracking every single thing I ate. Just easy-to-make recipes and an easy-to-follow meal plan! Oh, and Speed Keto also used real food. Food that tasted great, food that actually fills you up! I can’t remember ever feeling hungry on Speed Keto, which is a definite feat.

What would you say is the best thing about the Speed Keto diet program?

Jennifer Voll: First of all, it works! I started the Speed Keto diet program in September of 2018. At the time, I was hovering at around 300lbs. But I very quickly lost roughly 110lbs! Even better, I was able to keep all that weight off!

How would you describe your Speed Keto experience?

Jennifer Voll: I followed the original intermittent fasting version of Speed Keto. I’m very glad I did; I learned so much about the benefits of fasting because of it. AND! The successful fasts actually ended up being one of my key motivators later on the line — whenever I successfully completed my fasts, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment — so it ended up being a very helpful pick-me-up! 

I did buy the Vegan & Vegetarian versions of Speed Keto as well, but mostly because I wanted to collect as many of the Speed Keto dish recipes as possible, it certainly helped keep my meal plans spiced up! The recipes in the original program are still, without a doubt, some of my absolute favorite meals though. Shocking, really. I’ve always considered myself a picky eater, but I had no problems finding meals that I loved with Speed Keto.

Have you ever visited the Speed Keto Facebook Group? (What was your experience with the level of support that you received from there?)

Jennifer Voll: Oh! The Speed Keto private Facebook Group is a definite gem! The moderators are supportive, motivating, and infinitely knowledgeable. The members are as equally supportive, while also being incredibly inspiring.

It truly is a community of friends that are just there to help each other out. I’ve found it both highly educational and fun!

Have you ever recommended the Speed Keto program to someone else?

Jennifer Voll: I’m constantly recommending Speed Keto to my family and friends. I get a lot of questions about it actually, since my weight loss was pretty substantial. They ask, and oh boy do I rush tell them. No reason not to! Success should be shared, after all.

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