How To Make A Healthy Banana-Collagen Breakfast Muffin

by Jerald Dyson

This leads me to my latest concoction: a banana collagen breakfast muffin. Filling and fluffy, the pastry is the most delicious morning treat—the cinnamon and maple syrup make your whole kitchen smell divine. Of course, it features mbg’s beauty & gut collagen+, which gives the muffin its skin-supporting power.* (As a reminder, clinical studies have shown that taking collagen peptides will support skin elasticity and hydration levels and promote youthful texture, and they also provide many of the amino acids needed for hair health.*) 

I’m no professional recipe developer, so I’ll be honest: I combined ingredients I thought would pair well together and prayed for the best (I mean, who doesn’t love a banana-maple-cinnamon blend?). And, well, I’d call this project a success—maybe you will, too. 


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